Half breast out, a legacy of quarantine? Among the stars goes the underboob

Early summer, desire to discover and, of course, seduce. All the more after being forcibly imprisoned within the walls of the house for months. That is why, while the lockdowns of the various countries are easing, stars like Bella Hadid, Rita Ora and “our” Alba Parietti (59 beautifully worn years) show on Instagram parts of their breasts , using the super sexy trick of the underboob ?


While some summer ago the sideboob trend exploded, referring to the super voyeuristic habit of stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner to exhibit the external side of the breast , for the hot season 2020 it seems to understand that it is time of underboob trend . In this case, as the name indicates, the part of the breast that comes out completely strategically from the micro top or bikini is the lower one . And if once this type of look was the exclusive prerogative of celeb with mini-size breasts, see Miley Cyrus or Kate Moss (forerunner, several years ago), today the underboob it is also practiced by tops, influencers and actresses with generous necklines, above all the aforementioned Rita Ora , who with her skimpy tops and half-uncovered breasts has sent her , 2 million followers on Instagram.


The fact is that, thanks to the long quarantine and the days spent indoors, many stars (and also many “normal” women) have decided to hang their bra on the nail , freeing themselves for a while from push-ups, bralettes and various tops. Good or bad, for the health and beauty of our breasts? According to surgeon Riccardo Midolo of LabQuarantadue Milano , «the breast, being a gland , should never be excessively compromised . Reason why those who use the bra daily should always make sure that they don't pull too much, or the breast ducts will not work well, being partially or totally occluded. Not wearing a bra is a habit completely without contraindications for those with small or medium-sized breasts , while those with a plunging neckline will find support and comfort from the use of this accessory . In particular, I recommend wearing always a top when doing sports , especially if physical activity involves pushing, jumping and sprinting, that is, movements that, without adequate containment of the bra, risk to stress and excessively stress the gland “.


Whether you are from the “free from bra” school or are part of the “forever bra” group, take into account a beauty and care routine dedicated to your breasts, especially if you have exceeded the threshold of 30 years, when the production of collagen and elastin, important support elements for our skin, begins to slow down. «To keep the breasts compact, hydrated and toned», explains Valentina Finotti , specialist in medical-aesthetic protocols and Sotherga's collaborator , «applied every day after the shower, better if on still wet skin, a veil of sweet almond oil , a natural, economic and effective product. The use of elasticising cosmetics was also good, such as the famous vials and creams of Rilastil , a brand among our favorite aesthetic doctors. In the presence of stretch marks in formation , therefore still red in color, help medical needling treatments , which provide effective stimulation through a pen with micro needles. The Fraxel laser, non-ablative fractionated , and certain types of professional peeling, also contribute to the beauty and compactness of side A “.

In the gallery we have collected the stars who love to show parts of their breasts . Plus the cosmetic must have for a beauty routine and care for an impeccable neckline. Regardless of size.


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