Harrison Ford and the elixir of long weddings: “Don't talk, just nod”

Harrison Ford e l’elisir di lunghe nozze: «Non parlare, basta annuire»

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The American actor, in view of the tenth anniversary with Calista Flockhart, tells his secret for a lasting marriage: “I don't talk to her, I just move my head”. That he learned something from the two past divorces …

Behind it has two marriages wrecked , therefore – to see it rationally – is not really the most suitable person to talk about the theme . And yet, Harrison Ford , in a long interview with the magazine Parade , has kept us from revealing what – according to your point of view – is the magic formula for lasting wedding: «I in the couple I don't speak », joked the American actor, now married to Calista Flockhart , «I limit myself to nodding . “

Ford starts dating 2001 to attend his current wife , also an actress and 22 years younger than him, and the bride in the 2010, in New Mexico: met on the red carpet of Golden Globes and from there they are not more left. Him than in June 1964, still 23 years old, had married in a first wedding Mary Marquardt , from whom he had the children Benjamin and Williard , that is the name and surname of the protagonist of Apocalypse Now .

Coincidence wants him to be working on the famous film of Francis Ford Coppola , the actor knows who will become his second wife , the screenwriter Melissa Mathinson: so in '79 she breaks up with Mary and five years later she says « yes »at new lover , with whom she has two other children, Malcolm and Georgia . For over a decade the love story goes to swollen sails, then something breaks and Harrison knows exactly Calista .

Divorce with Melissa, dated 2004 , is remembered as one of the most expensive in Hollywood , but – judging by what came next – Ford seems to have found the righteous woman. Adopted her son, Liam , and today the couple is divided between the villa of Los Angeles and the ranch in Wyoming , always moving with a guided plane by Harrison who has the patent, despite years ago he was the victim of even a dangerous accident .

«That license is a freedom conquered after a long time, ”revealed Ford, 78 years in July. «I took three flight lessons when I was in college but with the salary of salesman I could not afford to continue. So I only started flying again when I was older “. Today he has fun, he does it even in his spare time: «I love being up there, but also walking in the woods, doing some domestic chores and going on mountain bikes “.

What if Calista says something? He responds by moving his head .


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