How clever Kate Middleton is! What (maybe) you don't know about her

Quanto è furba Kate Middleton! Cosa (forse) non sapete di lei

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From the first boyfriend (in high school) to the hot nights (paired with his sister Pippa): what (maybe) you don't know about the future queen consort of England

Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011. They have three children: George, Charlotte and Louis. Daughter of a former hostess and a flight controller, she met the future king of England at the university. Merit of mother Carole who, since she was born, has calculated every move to make it get to the throne, as explained by the book Kate by Deborah Ameri and Annalisa Villa ( Imprimatur ed.) , revealing many «secrets “.

– Forbidden Games”

As a teenager she was “tall, skinny, shy”. He loved hockey and tennis. “She hasn't lost her virginity at school, at best she has given a few kisses,” say her companions. However, with another student, she used to show her ass from the dorm window. The boys had to guess who it belonged to. The strange pastime earned her the nickname Middlebum.

– Love for Harry

In the last year of high school he was with the most popular student in the school, Harry Blakelock. The girls envied her, but the story ended when Harry took the gap year, a period of break from school. Recommended by her mother, Kate enrolled in St. Andrews University, where she met William. Two weeks after the classes started, he invited her to breakfast. Friendship began.

– Infallible strategy

In 2002 paraded in lingerie at a charity event. “Wow, Kate is hot!” Exclaimed the prince. Their favorite refuge? A bungalow in the Seychelles. In 2007 William left her. Mother Carole intervened: “Show him what is lost.” Kate threw herself into the London nights with her sister Pippa, armed with mini dresses. They called them “Wisteria sisters”. William held out for a month and a half.

– Jam effect

Camilla Parker Bowles was not pleasant: “That brunette who wags her tail behind Will is very clever.” Before the wedding, he invited her to lunch in London, but it was too spectacular a meeting to seem sincere. Elizabeth II, on the other hand, has always been considerate of Kate. Merit (also) of a jam that the young woman gave her during the first Christmas in Sandringham.


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