Interview with Lista Representative

This week we decided to drag you into the spectacular world of The representative of Lista , the duo formed by Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiaracina , who many of you will have known thanks to last Sanremo, during which they participated in a duet with Rancore and Dardust . A “queer pop” group born in 2011 with three albums and numerous prizes and awards, as well as a tour that will touch several Italian cities.

1. Hello guys! To begin, we would like to ask you for a quote from a song that represents you.

What is yours?

«When we are in the studio, in Palermo , we happen to have days of hard work, very intense and with tight rhythms, which often end without having brought home anything concrete. So, to cheer us up, our producer Roberto Cammarata quotes us the song by AC / DC It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll “and this phrase represents us very much”.

2. Define your work through your three tracks!

«Surely the first one we mention is This Body , our emblem, is the passage that perfectly tells the research that went through us at that moment , when we sought in the body our narrative tool, salvation in moments of crisis .. fully represents our production.

To represent our way of working instead we choose Gloria (also contained in the album Go Go Diva ) in which there is a phrase that tells a lot about us: “ Stay inside me, love / E in the water which is already up, let's fight / Not on the crest of the wave / But where the sea grows “. It is important for us to start from the bottom and not to be on the crest of the wave without having built the foundations, otherwise you will fall and get hurt. We want to be where there is low water and then go up slowly, building many small steps.

The third song we choose is a bit our hymn, Look at us all, contained in Bu Bu Sad , our second album. At that time our imagination was moving towards mottos, those powerful slogans that create communities of intent and feelings, which help to stay together. The words are also interesting because I took them from those that my grandmother used during the war, it is as if they were living with her again. “

3. In which line does your music fit? Who are your reference artists when you write music?

«Let's say that we are very free: sometimes we decide to feel punk, other times we want to make a song or use nuances from popular songs, other times I still become an opera singer singing on electronic music … we are very varied because we don't want to set limits to our creativity. However, we can give ourselves a kind of non-definition by using the expression of “queer pop music” or a music free from genre schemes, which draws from multiple basins in order to express itself . Pop because we need to be popular, that is to reach anyone, in fact we use a code that can touch a lot of people, however made of different levels of complexity, it is then in the audience to understand the different layers of the song. Our reference artists are also very varied: we move from Rosalìa to Karen O (the bandleader of Yeah Yeah Yeahs ) which last year released one of the most beautiful egg whites we have ever heard or Lux Prima , together with Danger Mouse . We end with Rosa Balistreri and Maria Callas , the undisputed idola “.

4. What is your biggest success that you have collected for now in the CV and what would you like to answer if we asked you this question in a year?

«Let's say it was a year full of events, between Sanremo and The New Pope (in whose soundtrack their song appeared, ed ) we have collected many important satisfactions. However, we are happy to consider the idea of ​​being a growing band successful: we are on the third album and we are about to embark on a new tour around Italy, a tour for which we have already received very positive results but, despite all this, we still have a lot of space to write and to grow professionally, we still have a lot of career ahead. Next year we would like all this to continue, further and further … “.

5. “My funniest experience is …”

«Wednesday 19 February the second season of Il Cacciatore, a serious tv set in Palermo of 1996 in which Veronica plays Maria, a punk singer engaged to the villain of history, a mobster who apparently seems only a sweet plumber. The funny thing is that all the members of List's Representative were involved to play Maria's punk band: they subjected us to separate make-up and wig and, once gathered on the set, we looked at each other in this “transformed” version and we burst out laughing … it was as if we had made a journey through time and landed in 1996, complete with a punk crest, thick sideburns and half colored hair! “.

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