Jacquemus, when the testimonial is the designer's grandmother

Jacquemus, quando la testimonial è la nonna del designer

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After the shots via FaceTime in Bella Hadid, Rosalía and Barbie Ferreira, the Spring / Summer campaign 2020 of the brand features an exceptional face: Liline, the designer's grandmother

Simon Porte Jacquemus is undeniably one of the revelation designers of the last few years. With its minimalist elegance it has conquered celebrities, influencers and, in general, a stellar clientele demanding and always looking for the detail of character that can make the difference. But what is the secret ingredient of such a success, in addition to the unique style of his creations? Probably what more and more brands – even more dated and, in a certain sense, established by Jacquemus – try to represent, sometimes not even remotely reaching such a spontaneous and genuine result: a story with values.

The imagination of the French stylist has always been nourished and inhabited by his childhood memories , with the colors and scents of Provence, and its strength lies in being able to catapult us into even those who have not lived them.

To intertwine his aesthetic vision and the emotional roots of the brand even more closely, this time he thought of a testimonial of exception: the stylist's grandmother . After having immortalized via FaceTime the model Bella Hadid, the singer Rosalía and the actress Barbie Ferreira, in collaboration with the photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti during the lockdown, the campaign for Spring / Summer 2020 of the French brand continues with shots taken by Simon Porte Jacquemus himself, starring his beloved grandmother Liline.

Without a traditional photographic team of make-up artists, stylists and set designers, the stylist made a hyper-realistic shooting in the middle of nature – and at a safe distance – then stating on Instagram how much this campaign is for him «One of the most special». In the photos (in the gallery) we can admire grandmother Liline with some of the coolest clothes of the season , from the maxi dress with fluffy skirt and light olive green, combined with a straw hat, the optical white suit and the oversized fluorescent pink one. In one of the shots, in addition, the designer's exceptional model holds a long series of bags by hand, from standard-sized to ultra-mini bags, which have become a must for Jacquemus. Yet another proof of how much the style is not limited by age, but only by conventions (by now) to be overcome.


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