«Kate Middleton snaps her fingers and the Palace defends her»: the reaction of Meghan who has always felt isolated

«Kate Middleton schiocca le dita e il Palazzo la difende»: la reazione di Meghan che si è sempre sentita isolata

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The former American actress would not have liked her sister-in-law's “defense” against the press: “For months she was the recipient of negative stories without ever receiving help from royalty” . Two weights and two measures. Story of a friendship never born

Two weights, two measures. Discontent continues to reign in the world's most famous royal family. Despite the “release” of Meghan Markle and Harry from the front row, the former actress and the prince have not yet found peace . It happened, in fact, that also Kate Middleton and William decided to declare “war” on the English press ( Tatler, in the specific case), as already done in the past months by Sussex. But finding oneself on the same side did not bring the royal brothers-in-law closer together. Indeed.

«For Meghan and Harry it was like getting a slap in the face », commented a well-informed source at Daily Mail . The reason is simple: Tatler has published a portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, however, that the direct interested party did not like and after a short while a very rare press release from Kensington Palace arrived which defined the article chock full of “inaccuracies”. Meghan, now in Los Angeles with Harry and her son Archie, would have let friends know that she was deeply disappointed: she was the recipient of negative stories for months and never received any support from the royal family.

«She was made to think that she demanded too much, when all she wanted was their support », continued the insider,« His requests have all gone unheeded and then Kate arrives and pops the fingers and gets in 24 hours a support note “. Press criticisms, the source said, were one of the reasons Meghan and Harry decided to abandon their royal duties and move to Los Angeles.

Meghan and Kate, it must be said, have never developed the feeling that everyone hoped for. And now, always according to the well-informed, Meghan would tell the friends of never having found an ally in the sister-in-law . Kate would never “have supported the transition of the former actress into the royal family”. And again: “Meghan said that during her last trip to England, Kate has just said two words to her” , another source explained to Daily Mail . «Of all the people in the royal family, Meghan has always hoped to develop a close relationship with Kate, but has never been given the chance. It was painful and disappointing for her. “

In London, the ex actress has always felt like an outsider: « Kate never granted her the benefit of doubt “, added the insider,” if the roles had been reversed, Meghan said she would do anything to make Kate feel part of the family. He would have embraced their sisterhood. ” We will never have a counter-test.


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