«Le Feste di Pablo»: Fedez returns to the music and starts with a featuring with Cara

«Le Feste di Pablo»: Fedez torna alla musica e inizia da un featuring con Cara

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The latest album, “Paranoia Airlines”, dates back to 2019. The rapper then announced that he wanted to take a break from the stage. But, twelve months after that decision, everything seems to be back to normal. From Friday 10 April, a featuring featuring Cara will be available. «I have found myself»

The stop, one year after the decision to move away from music, has come to an end. Fedez , who in the days of the Coronavirus committed himself to support the Lombard intensive care, announced his return. “Quarantine forces us to think and I don't want to throw this chance away. Before all this started, I took a long break from the music to dedicate myself to my family, work on myself and try to glaze my edges », he explained in a social video, shot in his closet, between the kisses of the small Leone and the clothes of Chiara Ferragni.

I had wanted to write this for months ❤️

– Fedez (@Fedez) April 9, 2020

«I started a new path, which is the only thing I have kept out of social networks in these months precisely because it was not just music, but something more fragile: finding myself through new songs “He said,” I was foolishly convinced that the value of music could be proportional to the luxury of the studio in which it was recorded, but have you ever noticed how essential the interiors of a spacecraft traveling towards space are? So I went to work in a small home studio on the outskirts of Crema. ” And, in the simplicity of a familiar space, he found the lost inspiration: Federico, before Fedez.


Fedez: «What a battle against my fears, luckily I have Chiara who saves me»

Fedez, in Crema, met Anna Cacopardo, Cara in art: a promising young woman with whom she wanted to write a song, the first after Paranoia Airlines and the great concert at the Assago Forum. “In recent months I have returned to making music as I did at eighteen, without thinking too much about the strategic consequences. In the studio, I met a young emerging artist who is about to record one of his songs. “Do you mind if I try to write a verse?” »Asked Fedez, from whose question she was (re) born The Feasts of Pablo , whose unedited version will be available from midnight on Friday 10 April.

«In these days I have recreated the amateur set-up of when I recorded my first record as an independent and I found the draft of that piece and then I understood what music represents for me: breaking the chains with the nail clipper “, explained Chiara Ferragni's husband, telling how in quarantine it all made sense again. “I hope that for you too, in such a sad and tragic moment, it can help you open your eyes and understand what is really important, ready to embrace it when this moment ends. I would like to create carefree occasions with music , so I thought: “Federico, did you spoken too much, sing us something “”.


Fedez: “My song for Leo about bruising and love”


Fedez: «To you who changed my life»

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