Lizzo and the Fab5 of Queer Eye: we are our soul mates!

If you thought that the perfect collaboration did not exist … well, it was only because Lizzo had not yet met the Fab5 of Queer Eye .

Last Sunday the singer triumphed at the twentieth edition of the Bet Awards , winning the prize for best female R & B / Pop artist. But Lizzo knows very well that to feel like a queen you don't need to have a crown on your head . With his songs and his lifestyle, in fact, Lizzo taught us to believe in ourselves and to be proud of our body, because the important thing is how we feel inside: « I only believe in being the best me “.

To celebrate this umpteenth success and remind the world that we are our soul mates , has released a new animated version of the video clip of Soulmate , the song in which he sings that true love is towards himself ('Cause I'm my own soulmate / I know how to love me / No, I'm never lonely ) in collaboration with the 5 fabulous protagonists of Queer Eye , the reality show that celebrates properly love for oneself.

We have already told you here why it is worth seeing. But for those who missed it, we are talking about the show of Netflix whose hosts are Karamo , Antoni , Tan , Bobby and Jonathan : members of the queer community and experts of culture, food & wine, fashion, design and beauty who in turn go to find a person by transforming their life in 360 ° and infusing them with messages of positivity. Including what each of us deserves to be loved. Primarily by himself.

On the notes of Soulmate , Lizzo becomes in all respects a competitor of Queer Eye and is followed in a makeover path by the Fab5, each of which serves to make her understand that love for oneself (as the song says) cannot be bought, but that comes when we learn to accept ourselves precisely for as we are , because we are the only people who can love us all our lives.

In the video, the singer wanders the streets of the city of Self Love and, when she searches for a soul mate on a dating app, she finds the match with herself: 'Cause I'm my own type / True love ain't something you can buy yourself / I'mma marry me one day , you can hear it in the background. Then the gurus of the series think about it, who first help her to enter the mood by infusing a touch of color to the wardrobe (all strictly rainbow for the Pride Month ), then giving her a hair trim and, finally, giving her some Corgi puppies (heart eyes!) to play with. Anyone who is a fan of Queer Eye knows very well that, thanks to the external transformations put in place by Fab5 , the participants arrive at like each other more. But also that, after all, the outfits and the hairstyle are nothing more than the reflection of the love for themselves that they had lost and that they found thanks to these changes.


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