Lombardy, mandatory mask to leave from Sunday 5 April

Lombardia, mascherina obbligatoria per uscire da domenica 5 aprile

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It is not possible to go out in Lombardy without the mask or a covering of the nose and mouth. The regional ordinance in effect since Sunday 5 April

Mandatory mask in Lombardy to leave the house starting on Sunday 5 April. This is foreseen by a new ordinance from the governor Attilio Fontana . The obligation will remain in force at least until the next one 13 April . For those without a mask, however, it serves with protection on the nose and mouth “to protect themselves and others,” says the region.

According to what was communicated by the Region in a note, “the restrictive measures already established for the entire Lombard territory remain in force last 21 March with regional ordinance “.

The note also explains that, in the absence of masks, you can cover your nose and mouth “ through simple scarves and scarves . ” Open retail stores “have an obligation to provide their customers with disposable gloves and hydroalcoholic solutions for hand hygiene”.

The ordinance «confirms the closure of hotels (with exceptions already in force), professional offices, markets and all non-essential activities ». Instead, you can buy stationery items in shops that sell food or basic necessities, already open. Also possible the sale of flowers and plants only with home delivery. The Region has also asked the Government to confirm the closure of construction sites with a specific decree and to allow, instead, activities related to the forestry and pastoral supply chain.

There are 55 less than yesterday the people hospitalized in intensive care in Lombardy , in total there are 1. 326. In total, there were 8 coronavirus deaths in the region. 656. In total the number of positives has risen to 49. 118.

The scientific world is still discussing the actual usefulness of the use of masks that protect others if the person who wears it is infected, but it certainly does not work even in the opposite direction. Many municipalities have however decided to make ordinances that make them mandatory to enter supermarkets and public offices. It happens in Cagliari, Forte dei Marmi and also in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


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