«Maleficent – Lady of Evil»: on Disney +, the sequel (already cult) with Angelina Jolie

When, in 2014, Maleficent arrived in the room, the the public discovered another face of the infamous Disney antagonist, a depth that seemed to be barred from it. Maleficent, in fact, with black horns and scarlet lips, was not the evil character who Sleeping Beauty in the Wood had painted. Not only at least. Maleficent was complex and multifaceted. And the film, with Angelina Jolie in the role of Aurora's antagonist, reminded us so well that a sequel ensued.

Maleficent – Lady of Evil wanted to deepen the complexity of the protagonist, her being woman and mother before evil creature. And the story of what Maleficent really is is now ready to land online.


Maleficent – Lady of Evil? «One of Disney's best sequels»

The film that sees the return of the ethereal Elle Fanning as Aurora, will debut on Disney + Friday 29 May , allowing us to (re) discover the female bond of the protagonists that we have learned to love . At the center of Maleficent – Lady of Evil , there is the marriage of Aurora and Prince Philip, played by Harris Dickinson and the consequent meeting between two mothers, Maleficent and the queen Ingrid, Michelle Pfeiffer , Filippo's mother. Maleficent, to know his pupil, to which he gave the title of Queen of the Heath, bride of a human being, does not want to know. Because his Kingdom, that of magical creatures, and the Kingdom of judgmental and evil humans, are not ready to live in harmony. It doesn't matter that at the end of the first Maleficent they were united. The union is an illusion and it will be a war to prove it.

Divided into opposing factions, Aurora and Maleficent will have to examine their relationship and understand if the differences with which nature has endowed them are irreconcilable or can, with love and loyalty, survive time and to its ugliness.


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