Manual lifting massage + electrostimulation = natural botox effect

Massaggio lifting manuale + elettrostimolazione= effetto botox naturale

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The concept of the facial bar also arrives in Italy, a place entirely dedicated to face care, to take care of yourself in a natural and non-invasive mono where to relax, fight fatigue, wrinkle fatigue and lifting effect results

Why not recover the classics and discover the pleasure of a synecdoche, the rhetorical figure who in linguistics refers to a part to indicate the whole? A reading which lends itself to massage of a part of the body, the face , which offers powerful benefits on the whole organism, the whole, and has the ability to eliminate tensions, tiredness, stress as well as being able to lift and have anti-aging efficacy.

Increasingly, today, the facial massage it is chosen as a beauty remedy that replaces more invasive interventions.

Due to its immediately visible efficacy, it has become a sort of manual lifting, anti-aging, illuminating, plumping, which deeply stimulates the facial muscles by toning them, as if they were doing natural gymnastics, the alternative to aesthetic medicine.

On the wave of this trend, which flourished above all in Great Britain and in the USA where the phenomenon of facial has exploded in recent years bar, also in Milan opened one of the first walk-in face massage studio , it is FaceUp Your Life.

«After the second motherhood I had a hormonal outlet on my face and I looked for a place where I could have a treatment that would help me. I had little time because I was breastfeeding and ideally I would have liked to find a place where I could go without a reservation and at speed, where I could take refuge for a little relaxation that would take away the effort from my face and that was not the usual beauty salon booth. I didn't find it, so I called my friend Roberta and we decided to open it ourselves », says Valentina, mother of two children, lawyer and founder of the first facial concept store in Milan.

The plus of FaceUp Your Life is that presents itself with a look not connoted only for a female audience, many, in fact, men who resort to a facial massage without feeling uncomfortable. It has a diversified menu of treatments -including the deep facial massage that Meghan Markle and Chiara Ferragni like – suitable for a genderless clientele looking for a beauty pit stop that allows you to return to work immediately afterwards.

“Precisely because of the simplicity of the concept of our facial bar, we thought it suitable for those who must prepare themselves better for a special event or find a bright look after periods of great stress. This is why we are not surprised that a few months after opening, almost half of our customers are men who are looking for efficiency and speed “, says Roberta the other member of the project.

Among the most popular treatments on the menu of FaceUp Your Life there is the manual lifting House Style , a sequence of movements taken from the Japanese technique of Kobido, which through micro-vibrations, kneading, or kneading, rotations, stretching and stretching can flesh out and tone the face in a non-invasive way. Manual skills are facilitated by the use of a “Botox oil”, a mix of rosehip, geranium rose and peppermint that simulates the tensor effect of botulinum. This first phase is followed by the use of a guasha, in malachite, a mineral stone chosen for its detoxifying properties, a handpiece with rounded corners to deeply relax the muscle bands of the face. To amplify the result, the perfect combination with House Style massage is with electrostimulation of the facial muscles , a mix of patented high and low frequency waves that allows greater penetration into the fabric. This combination of techniques raises and sculptes the forehead, eye contour, cheekbones, jaw, face and neck, giving a more toned and immediately rested appearance than if you had done a regenerating “power nap”.


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