Mara Venier who airs after falling from the stairs and the other gossip of the weekend

“I fell off the stairs this morning. At the moment I am trying to go on the air, but I think I have a fractured foot”. To speak is Mara Venier who, at the first bars of the 38th episode of Domenica In , extended until 28 June, for the excellent ratings gathered in recent months, reveals to her audience that she was the protagonist of a domestic accident which did not, however, prevent her from keeping company to Raiuno viewers.

Aunt Mara fell from the stairs this morning and is likely to have a fractured foot and also hit her head 🥺

In all this Aunt Mara tells us that #DomenicaIn will be broadcast until 28 of June

– TheFolloWerTv! ♎ (@TheFolloWerTv) May 31, 2020

«The doctor came and we made a bandage: my orthopedist is waiting for me as soon as finished Domenica In , but I got a terrible blow to the head. I have lost weight, and so far I think it has gone well: now I am here and I hope to get to the end “ explains Venier underlining the relationship of transparency she has always had with her fan. The show must go on , in short. Even with the “foot”.

Here are the other gossip of the weekend:

Katy Perry's baby bump in quarantine

Waiting to give birth – the date X is set for the month of June -, Katy Perry shares on Instagram the shots that immortalize her eight month baby bump. “I sit in my parked car, lock it and cry. Because I need space, “he explained recently, retracing the moments of darkness and the need to let off steam. Always with Orlando Bloom, who remains close to her as never before. THE ARTICLE

Meghan Markle “violates” the lockdown for a special cause

The Duchess of Sussex, according to reports Newsweek , continued secretly to maintain contact with the Meyhew organization to help the homeless and their dogs in times of emergency . An activity on which Meghan, who has always been sensitive to the issue of animals, has tried to maintain maximum privacy. THE STORY

Cindy Crawford celebrates the anniversary with Rande Gerber

«I love you and the life we ​​have together. Thanks for giving me this thing called life together, I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else ». These are the words that Cindy Crawford chooses to celebrate her 22 th wedding anniversary with Rende Gerber, who gives the supermodel a large bouquet of pink roses and commissions a special cake to her daughter Kaia, who joins the good wishes to mom and dad. THE ARTICLE

Taylor Swift against Donald Trump

For years she had been accused of not taking a political position: now Taylor Swift, one of the most followed pop stars in the world, does not send them to tell President Donald Trump, who accuses of inconsistency regarding the management of the Minneapolis unrest following the death of George Floyd, the African American crushed by the knee of a police officer, accused of manslaughter and third degree murder. THE STORY

Lady Gaga and her relationship with God

“I believe that God is kind, and I believe it because, when I was really sick, I prayed a lot and asked God to show me the way, to show me why it is important that I keep going on.” To tell it is Lady Gaga who, on the occasion of the release of Chromatica, her sixth studio album, opens the his heart in a long interview together with an exceptional host: Tiziano Ferro, who exclusively for Vanity Fair Italia and RTL 102. 5 confronts the pop star directly on the occasion of the release of his new creature. THE ARTICLE

The historic reunion of Take That (on Zoom)

It matters little if they didn't meet again on stage, but directly on Zoom: Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Robbie Williams meet in streaming to give an unmissable concert aimed at raising funds for the battle against the coronavirus. And, between stroboscopic balls and desecrating jokes, fans can not be said to be dissatisfied. THE STORY

The emotion of Michele Bravi and the dedication to Maria De Filippi

On the occasion of the semifinal of Amici Speciali , Michele Bravi chooses to open his heart and face the pain of his artistic silence of almost 2 years, together with a certificate of profound esteem towards Maria De Filippi: «You were the first person, and I am not saying it out of flattery but because I really believe it, who asked me to sing when everyone else insisted on asking me” how are you “. And here I am able to answer for the first time ». THE ARTICLE

The return of Pierdavide Carone after the tumor

The artist returns to music after two years of silence with Forza e Coraggio , in which he tells for the first time of his experience, won, with cancer: «Mi I had to undergo several operations, the first surgery for removal, the second to check a series of other values ​​and then I did the chemo; but when I had the OK of the doctors and I felt better I went on tour immediately, because it was the thing that put me back in touch with the healthy part of me, and it was fundamental, it helped me not go crazy “confides Carone. THE ARTICLE


“I love the life we ​​have together: it couldn't be with anyone else”: Cindy Crawford's dedication to Rande Gerber


So Meghan Markle “violates” the lockdown (for a good cause)


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