Meghan Markle, the uncertain future: cinema, politics (or music)?

Meghan Markle, il futuro incerto: cinema, politica (o musica)?

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The departure from the royal family opens new scenarios for the Duchess: she has already lent her voice for a dubbing, many would like to see her as an actress. Others dream of her with a role within the democratic party and there are also those who paint her DJ. An April Fool? For sure she won't stay with her hands

Meghan Markle in version disc jockey. This is the latest news coming from United Kingdom, but – given the launch date – it has all the flavor of a April Fool. To date it is not known whether the Duchess will really try her dj set housewares type those of Jo Squillo, for sure, however, will not remain with his hands: in home Sussex , in fact, the new month coincides with the official removal from the royal family and she, too, now has the task of plan his future.

« Nebuloso », some tabloids write. Just as uncertain – for now – is also the residence : Meghan and Harry, left London , lived for a few months in Canada, on Vancouver Island , then last week they moved to California , in Malibu . A transfer that – according to many – would betray the intentions of the Duchess of to return to the protagonist in the world of cinema and television: voice actor , presenter, producer or actress, like the old days?

For now the only sure thing is that has lent the voice to a documentary Disney which follows the slow movements of a family of elephants. On the other hand as voiceover offers are not lacking: «Meghan, if you are listening and you are looking for this type of job, I invite you to contact me as soon as possible », he said on the radio Al Jean , producer of the « Simpson », suggesting a possible episode with also Greta Thunberg among the guests. The theme? The environment, comes to think.

A central focus in the life of the former actress, as well as women's rights and help to weaker sections of the population. Matters that looks with interest since she was a child, which she continued to follow during the course of studies – complete with an internship at the American embassy in Buenos Aires – and which in the future could deepen with a role within the institutions i: according to an English documentary, in fact, Meghan is thinking of a entered in politics.

It is known that already in elementary school he organized protests regarding hot issues, such as the Gulf War . From the time many years have passed and – a little for the celebrity achieved with the TV series and a little thanks to the marriage with the Prince Harry – the Duchess has collected important contacts on the agenda: from Hillary Clinton to Amal Clooney , by Michelle Obama up to Oprah Winfrey , all friends who could give her fundamental advice on how to move in certain contexts.


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