Meghan Markle, whom the Queen used to “modernize” the face of the monarchy

«Instrumental»: so, in a nutshell, the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should be read. Lady Colin Campbell, British writer, brought to light one last and unprecedented aspect of the link between the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. “A prince once said to me,” If Meghan hadn't been colored, her relationship with Harry would never have been allowed. ” This is the only thing that has played in his favor. ” The Queen Elizabeth II , in the union of Harry with the American actress, would have, that is, seen the possibility of modernizing the appearance of the crown, leading it to be said to be progressive and multi-ethnic.

According to His Majesty, the marriage between the two would “have made the monarchy both an expression and an effective representation of multicultural and multiracial England. This effect, which a hypothetical marriage with a Californian actress, white and popular, would never have come about ». Not only. The Queen, “known to be a spirit person, said to a friend:” Mr. Corbyn will have a lot more difficulty getting rid of us now that Meghan is part of the family. ” Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn, is a member of parliament openly opposed to the monarchy. Elizabeth II, therefore, would have given her blessing to Meghan Markle so that her mixed births could make the face of the crown modern. No more, no less.


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