Mochi, the funeral agency dog ​​that comforts mourners

Mochi, la cagnolina dell’agenzia funebre che conforta le persone in lutto Mochi, la cagnolina dell’agenzia funebre che conforta le persone in lutto

She is a Bernese mountain dog puppy: her job is to get closer to the people who are grieving and give them some comfort

A new member has joined the staff of the American funeral agency Macon Funeral Home, in North Carolina. Her name is Mochi, and she is a puppy of Bernese mountain dog , about ten weeks old. His job is to approach people who are experiencing mourning and, with his sweetness and delicacy, to convey a little comfort.

Tori McKay, owner of Mochi and employee of Macon Funeral Home in Macon, has been dreaming for at least ten years of a dog capable of bringing some relief to those who have just lost a loved one: the 14 January Mochi arrived and the announcement was posted on the funeral agency's website and Facebook page.

« Here you are Mochi, the new member of Macon Funeral Home! He is a Bernese mountain dog who loves people and loves to sleep », it is written next to the photo of the sleeping dog. «Come and meet her: loves to make new friends !». The welcome, on Facebook, was very positive: the post almost totaled 500 like, it is been shared dozens of times and has collected many favorable comments.

Say hello to Mochi, the newest member of Macon Funeral Home! She's an eight-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog who loves …

Posted by Macon Funeral Home on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

McKay explains that the Bernese mountain dog has always corresponded to his idea of ​​”potential pain therapy dog”. «It has an excellent history as a therapy and support dog , which comes from its attitude towards kindness and his relaxed personality ». If families request it, Mochi will console them by visiting them.

«Bernese cattle do not have a long life expectancy: generally, it goes from six to eight years. I wish her life was as useful as possible, “added McKay, who will send her to Asheville to train Mochi for six months to a year. “There are so many researches that confirm the benefits of having an animal next to you during mourning periods, and our community certainly needs it very much “.


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