Nightmare breaks: the stars who let go of their partners (without even looking at them)

Rotture da incubo: le star che hanno mollato i partner (senza nemmeno guardarli in faccia)

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Via Whatsapp, via sms, via social, even via mail or via TV. From Russell Brand to Britney Spears, from Charlize Therone to Joe Jonas, there are many stars who have chosen cold and hasty methods to close a story

It takes style to let go. But some celebs have shown that they don't have a shred of it. By choosing to drop partners without even looking at them. Like the Scottish DJ Calvin Harris , who in 2014 liquidated Rita Ora with a simple tweet in which it announced the end of their story . The singer, who had no idea that her boyfriend wanted to end the relationship, according to her friends was “shocked” .

Kim Kardashian , instead, in the 2010 was released from the football player Reggie Bush , after two years of engagement, with three sms . One of whom was a classicone: “It's not you, it's me” . Jai Brooks of the band The Janoskians did worse: he left Ariana Grande with an sms the inaugural evening of his tour, «just before I went on stage. The worst break that has ever happened to me “, confessed the pop star. Similar the nightmare lived by Katy Perry during one of the stages of his California Dreams Tour. The 31 December 2011 the then husband Russell Brand he wrote her a text message not to wish her a happy new year but to let them know – after 14 months of marriage – who wanted a divorce . The singer, of course, felt the earth missing under her feet , as your film documents Part of me .


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Also Britney Spears , in 2006, has made it known to Kevin Federline of wanting to divorce with an sms. The message arrived at Federline while he was in front of the cameras of a TV program , and of course the scene ended straight on Youtube. Britney is a repeat offender. In 2014 he broke with David Lucado , at the time her boyfriend, writing on Twitter: «Single life . ” Adam Levine instead liquidated Jessica Simpson with a four-word message: « Really busy. Need Space “(” I'm too busy. I need space “). Equally hasty the actor and humorist Edmundo «Bigote» Arrocet who recently truncated with the Spanish presenter Teresa Campos , to which he was linked by 2013, via WhatsApp : «He wrote to me:“ Don't look for me and don't call me. It would be worse. ” It was horrible”. Even the DJ Samantha Ronson , in 2009, downloaded Lindsay Lohan , after a relationship full of breakages, returns of flame and insults via Twitter, writing her a message: « Find someone else. You are disgusting. If you get close to me or my house, I will make you regret doing it. That's all I have to tell you, you're disgusting “.


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There are also those who prefer insult to insults that can hurt much more: silence. Apparently Charlize Theron , in 2015, he truncated with Sean Penn without giving him any explanation. Simply, stopped answering his calls and messages . Equally freezing Sharon Stone . When he decided to drop Bob Wager in the 1990s, he first returned the engagement ring . Not in person, but by post . To the Argentine singer Chenoa worse has happened. In 2005 saw her boyfriend, the singer-songwriter David Bisbal with whom he was living at the time, who during a TV program declared everything calm: «I'm single». « Those two words stuck in my chest like two bullets . It was the worst day of my life, “said Chenoa.


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Among the VIPs who have not broken in person, there are those who have had at least the decency to pick up the phone and give up their partner. Like Joe Jonas than in 2008 unloaded Taylor Swift with a phone call that lasted just 25 seconds. The singer-songwriter revealed it during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show .


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