No cream, parsley or frankfurters: the “real” carbonara of Alessandro Cattelan and Charles Leclerc

The tone is the serious and composed one of the progress advertisements. «A silent war is fought every year in the world. And all of us lose “ explains Alessandro Cattelan in the last episode of EPCC Live on Sky Uno, and everything would come to your mind except that the object of the dispute is the preparation of one of the most replicated dishes of Italian cuisine in the world: carbonara. According to the conductor, who uses the precious collaboration of Formula One champion Charles Leclerc to launch this message that is so crucial for our tables. 'that rule that René Ferretti almost always applied in Boris : a certain tendency to prepare her for “dog “.

It is time, however, to say enough, to suggest to all those who took advantage of the health emergency to rediscover their talent in the kitchen as things stand . On the carbonara, the real one, there is no cream, nor parsley, nor the frankfurter . “There is no vegan carbonara,” emphasizes Leclerc. «It's time for everyone to know the truth» thunders Cattelan reminding the public that four simple ingredients are enough to make the original dish: eggs, bacon, pecorino cheese and pepper. “Nothing more”, “Nothing more” insist the two as they move in a monochromatic study with close-ups that mark the urgency of communication, the indispensability of tradition on the wrong interpretation that abroad imprints on our steaming plate.

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Everyone agrees, just misunderstandings, just a small dilemma: which pasta fits best for carbonara, long or short? There, something breaks: Cattelan cheer for the long, while Leclerc recommends the second. Both are convinced that their format holds the sauce better but, in doubt, the video ends with a carbonaro spaghetti which the two pull up, tracing the scene of Lilli and the Vagabondo. The only difference? The lips do not touch because, as you know, the distance meter must be respected everywhere and without exception. Including when it comes to love for carbonara.


How to make the carbonara as a master step by step

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