Now TV enlists Miriam Leone, a symbol of freedom

Free to choose how, where and when, in the awareness that it is the viewer who writes the rules of their television. Now Tv, Sky's streaming service, has chosen Miriam Leone to launch its own new communication campaign, confident that the actress represents the freedom inherent in the offer summarized with few effective words: “TV as you are”, reads the spot on the online platform, characterized by the variety of contents and flexibility of use.

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“Our dream is to make people free to choose what, where, when and if to look at quality content and satisfy their tastes and moods every single day”, said Federico Sisinni, Head of Brand & Communication Now TV that in the spot of the streaming service wanted to insert the Veronica Castello of 1992 . Sitting on the sofa, with an iPad or a remote control, Miriam Leone shows how easy and intuitive it is to access a library that ranges from the most successful TV series, to sports and movies, keeping the original Sky productions to yourself.

Next to Football and Sports, the entertainment of MasterChef and X Factor , alongside the over 1000 award-winning films, on Now Tv there are the most beautiful hits of Sky, from Gomorra to upcoming Devils and ZeroZeroZero .

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