Pillow Challenge, the new challenge on social networks with a look (and cushions)

Pillow Challenge, la nuova sfida sui social a colpi di look (e cuscini)

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After the #DressUpFriday and the #HomeCouture, the new trend on Instagram consists in giving life to a dress thanks to a pillow and a belt: here are the most creative posts of the influencers and Italian celebrities

Boredom is one of the most profitable human sensations – and situations – to set in motion the creativity of the individual, and in this period of home isolation we have often had proof of this. Accomplices, the inevitable social platforms, which thanks to filters, music and special effects allow you to give life to real forms of entertainment, for a few friends or for millions of followers. Among the various initiatives born in these lockdown days all over the world, the so-called challenges, or photo or video challenges in which to tag some of your contacts to invite them to do the same: from old childhood shots, to fitness tests for lovers or improvised sports, passing through the most fashionable hashtags.

After the #DressUpFriday, i.e. getting fully dressed on Friday , even if you are at home, or even the # HomeCouture, with which thousands of surfers have replicated some of the most eccentric catwalk looks , the time has come for the # PillowChallenge. As the name suggests, to try this challenge you need a pillow, together with a belt : with the latter, in fact, the pillow is locked at the height of life, creating the optical effect of a real mini dress. Most of the time, combined with your bed, sofa or upholstery.

An exhilarating starting point that gave rise to many highly inventive home looks , from those who remained on the essential to those who instead equipped everything with super designer accessories. In addition to overseas influencers, even our local celebrities have engineered with their Pillow outfits: Giulia Valentina showed off a floral pillow, matching her bedroom , combining a handbag and pink stilettos; Elena Barolo opted instead for a simple white cushion à poi s, and instead he wore a Chanel bandana on his belt, juxtaposing orange-red shoes, like his lipstick. But to win hands down is Paola Turani, who has reinterpreted the challenge in her own way wearing the whole duvet , for a soft and homely dress, yes, but without giving up the train. In the gallery, the most beautiful looks of the #PillowChallenge.


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