Practical guide for fine hair: natural remedies for a star hair

Let's start, first of all, on a positive note because there are not only against having fine hair , but also (well yes!) Of the pros: the drying times, for example, they are shorter and thin strands often have a naturally silky consistency. The downside of the coin, however, is a hair devoid of volume that “waves and curls these strangers” . Fortunately there are some strategies for treating thin hair, or take care of it with the right products, make some changes to the diet and lead a targeted lifestyle.

And falling in love with thin hair and making the most of their potential is a moment.


Although we cannot transform the consistency and thickness of the hair with the magic wand, the diet, as we know, influences the hair. For the reinforcement operation you need, for example, a boost of collagen, a trusted friend who helps keep skin young, but it also works for hair. To increase production, you need to go to foods rich in Vitamin C and lysine , an amino acid found in fish, pork and beef, cheese, legumes and soy. In addition to C, also fill up on Vitamin B with spinach, whole grains, yogurt, eggs and flax seeds. If you are not convinced of reaching the right level of vitamins, take them through specific supplements that help fortify the hair making it robust and full-bodied. The tip more? Adding a little cinnamon in the morning milk: improves circulation, which in turn brings oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles to prevent hair loss.


Stress is one of the biggest culprits of brittleness and hair loss, we know that. Taking time to calm and relax the mind is the same as “healthy hair” . A suggestion that combines wellness and beauty? For benefits squared, an excellent trick to stimulate hair growth is a scalp massage for a few minutes a day, or juggle with a hair mask. by you, 100% natural based on pure coconut oil. It is fundamental, then, not to add other damage to the hair with an excessive use of thermal products, absolutely to be limited . And anyway, since we know that it would be easier to give up the boyfriend than to plate & Co., when using do not forget thermoprotective products to avoid disasters and split ends. Today, to create waves and styling without heat, there are many tutorials on YouTube and TikTok. The result is surprising!


Applying the conditioner from the roots weighs down the hair and makes it even thinner. To avoid this, you must apply the balm only on the tips . Another grandmother's tip is to dry the hair upside down, with the help of a round brush, of course . Also pay attention to do not brush the hair too vigorously when it is still dripping, because at that moment the keratin that composes it is softer and more fragile and the hair will break easily. And, of course, do not make the hair grow too much . And if at Rapunzel hair we really don't want to give up, extensions can become the best friends of girls from fine hair . And with those of the latest generations, don't be afraid of visible clips! Dyeing can also be a good solution to give volume to hair that is too thin. Penetrating the hair, in fact, the color pigments swell making it thicker.


The products that, on the other hand, must never be missing from the hair routine ? Here are the magnificent three: texturizing spray, essential to show off a beach style , volumizing spray to be sprayed at the hair roots before drying them, and dry shampoo which not only combats oily hair, but also adds volume and full-bodied hair. Can't find the product of our dreams? On you can create customized hair cosmetics, customized according to your needs. Just answer a few questions regarding the lifestyle, structure and nature of your hair. The system then returns the ingredients that will be contained in its own personalized shampoo, conditioner and leave-in, which, for all green addicted listening, they are sulphate-free, paraben-free and not tested on animals.

Customizable products on

In the gallery you will find a selection of products for fine and thin hair i. Follow the tips and the hair will not stop thanking you.


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