Price increase: Covid tax ticks on receipts

Aumento dei prezzi: sugli scontrini spunta la «tassa Covid» Aumento dei prezzi: sugli scontrini spunta la «tassa Covid»

This is an additional item from 2 to 4 euros, which appeared on some commercial receipts, as a contribution for the sanitation and safety of the rooms. Consumer associations on the alert

Consumer associations are once again on a war footing. Already in April, the Codacons worried about the sudden rise in the prices of fruit and vegetables, had asked the intervention of the Nas against speculation on the price lists, considering the way in which the effects of the coronavirus were affecting the retail prices.

Now entering Phase 2, the fact that the owners of some commercial activities, in particular hairdressers and beauty salons, are increasing their lists benefits with a surplus of approximately 25%.

And not only that: on some receipts issued by hairdressers, beauticians and dentists, in recent days an additional item appeared, nicknamed “Covid tax”, as a contribution for the sanitation and safety of the rooms , setting the Codacons again in alarm

As IlSole reports 24 Hours, the “Covid tax” would go from 2 to 4 euros , and these additional expenses dictated by adjustments for the coronavirus emergency, in some beauty centers they would also include mandatory kits to be worn with an extra cost of 10 charged to the customer .

Immediate reaction from trade associations, including the National Consumer Union, which has already encountered and denounced the practice of the Covid tax. The national president Massimiliano Dona called it “an incorrect practice that perhaps also subtracts from a tax point of view the sum due to the consumer”.


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