Prince Harry, who in the United States will have to queue to “chase the American dream”

Il principe Harry, che negli Stati Uniti dovrà fare la fila per «inseguire il sogno americano»

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When the coronavirus emergency ends, the grandson of Elizabeth II will have to queue like any newcomer, and fill mountains of paperwork, to get everything he needs for the his new life: from a work visa to a Californian driving license

Like millions of people before him, the Prince Harry he packed his bags to pursue the American dream. And now that he has settled in Los Angeles with his wife Meghan Markle and the baby Archie , like any newcomer, has to do a lot of paperwork to get everything he needs it for his new life. For example an American driving license, a social security number and a work visa . At the moment both the motorization and the public offices are closed due to coronavirus.

But when they reopen, the nephew of Elizabeth II , as revealed by the Daily Mail , will have to queue like any ordinary mortal .

The first thing you need is a social security number . Indispensable for those who want to work in the States and open a bank account. To do this, he will have to go in person to one of the “super chaotic offices” , so describes them on the Daily Mail , of the American Social Security. It seems that some offices in the Los Angeles area, accustomed to dealing with celebrities, respond to their needs by welcoming them in separate rooms . So the royal will not have to line up with citizens often angry with long waits. But for sure he will have to spend a morning filling in paperwork .

The Prince Harry , having married Meghan Markle , who is in all respects American, would then be entitled to apply for citizenship . But it seems he has no intention of it. Because this would entail the renunciation of its titles related to the monarchy , but above all because it would expose the his earnings to further taxation of the United States . So to work in America he needs a visa. Currently it is believed that he has a visa reserved for diplomats , which however does not offer him the possibility to work if not in the government field. Other paths open up in front of him. Could obtain a particular type of visa available for entrepreneurs willing to invest in the United States . Or an visa O-1 for «individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements» . To obtain it, you need to demonstrate that you can achieve a very high level of results in your sector . In Harry's case it could be philanthropy .

The prince will also need an American driving license . When the motorization offices reopen, the duke will have to go there in person, to pay 37 dollars, undergo a fingerprint scan , be photographed, pass a test of 36 questions on the Californian highway code . If there are a lot of people, the die can take a whole day . Then you will have to make an appointment for a practical driving exam . Once that is over, he can freely roam the streets of Los Angeles. An experience that the British Daily Mail would not wish any subject of His Majesty Elizabeth II . Harry not only “ will have to drive on the opposite side of the road” , that is, on the right side (in the UK you drive on the left) but «you will find yourself dealing with motorists from Los Angeles , which generally push a lot on the accelerator, do not report lane changes, they are dangerous especially when it rains and behind the wheel they forget any label ». Harry's American dream, told like this, seems more like a nightmare.


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