Royal family. Estelle of Sweden's first “grown-up” engagements

Royal family. I primi impegni «da grande» di Estelle di Svezia

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The princess has accompanied her parents and grandparents to a concert in Stockholm and is starting to take her first steps in the world of adults. Eight years next 23 February, always happy, she studies in a private school and one day she will be queen

Not only George of Cambridge, the twins of Monaco Jacques and Gabriella and Leonor of Spain, also Estelle of Sweden , 8 years old next 23 February, begins to to see each other more and more often next to parents on the occasion of public outings and official events of the crown, in view of what will one day be her role, that of queen. Nothing challenging, of course, but in small steps. The last ones were on the occasion of a concert at the Lilla Akademien in Stockholm, a school founded in 1994 and specialized in cultivating musical talents from all over the world.

Estelle was thus able to follow even the performance of peers and peers, without feeling too alone in a world of “grown-ups”. Always smiling and cheerful, the princess was divided between mother Victoria, first in line of succession to the throne, father Daniel, grandparents Carl Gustav and Silvia and aunt Sofia, wife of the second son of the sovereigns, Carl Philip.

It is one of the first times that the family finds themselves united with a public event after the king's decision to deprive five of the seven grandchildren of the title of Royal Highnesses. The decision had come last October, sparking many curiosities. Alexander and Gabriel, (sons of Sofia and Carl Philip) Leonore, Nicholas and Adrienne (sons of the third-born Madeleine and her husband Chris O'Neill) remain princes and princesses, but untitled, which, according to intentions, will favor them in life . They will have no obligation towards the family and will be able to do what they want, as private citizens.

Different, however, the case of Estelle and her younger brother Oscar, who will turn 4 on March 2, who because of their proximity to the throne will have a fate far from that of their cousins. Already now things have changed and are seen less. Madeleine moved to Miami with her family and it is a few days ago the news that the children will attend school there, therefore a long-term decision, not destined to change. at least in the immediate future, while in Stockholm the road of the monarchy that will come, with Victoria queen and her children by her side, in a future that is still far ahead is outlined.

Carl Gustav at 73 years is still firm on the throne, his daughter always joins him more often on the occasions that matter, while Estelle, as is normal, thinks about games and school. Attend Stockholm's Campus Manilla, one of the most elite private institutes in the Scandinavian capital, just minutes from Drottningholm Palace. An unusual choice for Victoria, studies in a public school and low cost life. He made an exception for his daughter.


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