Ryan Reynolds admits: “I too was a fan of Gossip Girl” (and Blake Lively)

Ryan Reynolds didn't just watch Gossip Girl . “I devoured her with my eyes” , he confessed via Twitter to a follower who implored him to clarify (“I need to know”, he wrote), on a topic that remained so far without answers: or not watching the series in which the future wife Blake Lively played the sexy Serena van der Woodsen? The fans of the star are finally satisfied, although Ryan has not specified whether he has seen all six seasons of the series broadcast since 2007 al 2012 or if he started following her after meeting Blake on the set of Lanterna green in 2010 . What is certain is that since the day of the first meeting the two have not given up anymore. After the previous amorous disappointments – she had just returned from an engagement with Leonardo DiCaprio , he had ended the marriage with her colleague Scarlett Johansson – Blake and Ryan preferred to hang out with friends first . But today they are one of the most beautiful couples, in love and envied in Hollywood. In addition to one of the most reserved.

I didn’t watch it. I drank it through my eyes.

– Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) March 31, 2020

In 2012 they are married in secret, managing to keep top secret the location until the last moment: they exchanged the fateful “yes” in South Carolina , then the children arrived. First James , born in 2014, then Inez in 2016, and in September 2019 the third child , whose name is not yet known, confirming the need for privacy of the couple. « We want our children to have the same normal life that we had », explained the actors. The Reynolds family lives in a small town in New York state, off the beaten track , and perhaps one of the secrets of their happiness lies in this choice out of the choir. Because the priority for both spouses is the family. The actress stated that despite the work that engages her on the set, « the family is the priority, my heart, my everything . The other trump card for the couple is irony and the desire not to take themselves too seriously. The teases and jokes on social media of the two lovers have become famous. Epic the time Blake congratulated her husband by pretending to mistake him for Ryan Gosling.

At the time of coronavirus , however, social networks, for Blake and Ryan as for many other celebs, have become above all a tool to help. The two, in recent days, have made it known via Instagram that they have donated a million dollars so that no one remains without food : «Il Covid – 19 had a brutal impact on the lives of older people and families at low income. Blake and I have decided to donate one million dollars, to be divided between Feeding America and the Canadian Food Banks, “wrote the star. Inviting followers to follow their example : “If you can give something, these institutes need”.


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