Sanremo 2020: Fiorello, the determination has silver in the head

Sanremo 2020: Fiorello, la grinta ha l’argento in testa

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In the late evening in #Sanremo 20 the showman did “Fiorellismo” by bringing out the engaging energy of the new 50-year-olds. And thanks to his salt and pepper hair he entered the Olympus of the “silver surfers”, those men who graying are even sexier

He almost overshadowed his boss Amadeus. Rosario Fiorello from the shoulder of the artistic director who invited him to “keep him alongside , neither forward nor behind “in the late evening gave the best of his” fiorellismo “. He was the perfect host, nice, ironic and sometimes even shrewd.

And as he himself said at the press conference “” you have improved, in six months you are sixty years old and I find you cool “, reporting the words of Amadeus. And we can't agree more.

Quel color between platinum and blue on the head, with bright and iridescent veins, suits him so much that he passes on to the thick layer of foundation that makes his complexion like that of a wax statue.

An excess of make-up that fades to the critical eye as soon as Fiorello speaks, sings and moves with his charm as a sailed showman.

Not to mention the low side line, a habit that adds charm between the classic and the contemporary and that he can afford because 59 years has not lost a hair.

From the old fashion elegance typical of the actors of the big screen, following George Clooney in «ER», Fiorello showed off the engaging energy of the new 50-year-olds in Sanremo 2020 and so he officially conquered a place in the Olympus of celebrities who in salt and pepper version are even more sexy.

Fiorello you showed us the power of 50, almost 60 years that will turn 16 May. Banning the racism of flowers, then, or as you would say, we do not do “florism”, those Sanremo flowers, you who are male, you really deserve them.

In the gallery the photos of Fiorello in Sanremo 2020 and of his other famous colleagues «silver surfer »Italian and international.


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