Short and blonde hair: the winning combination «forever young» effect

There are some haircuts that work far better than an anti-aging treatment. Among them, the pixie cut , preferably in light tones, if not very clear. We speak, of course, of the short film par excellence, loved from fifteen years onwards, which always proves to be the most popular choice just to give a boost of vitamin energy to your look , keeping a good dose of appeal . Contrary to popular belief is an extremely versatile haircut , to show off in minimal mood , bon ton or rock version, according to the attitude . If then, we consider the combo short hair + blonde the result is an explosive style that promises, also to bring back a few years back time hands. Over 40, are you all listening?


From the years 60 to today, many are the stars that, beyond the age, have made light and very short hair a distinctive feature of the look . Obviously if you talk about pixie cutting the name Twiggy goes without saying. His the most famous haircu t, minimalist & cool, sported in those years also by American icons such as Jean Seberg and Edie Sedgwich , while in Italy, the undisputed queen of the platinum short film was Caterina Caselli . Over the years 70 we have celebrated the short film by Mia Farrow in the time of Rosemary's baby : raise your hand who, looking at it in the horror film, is not pervaded by an unstoppable desire to put your hand to the scissors. In 80 we have on one side the version boyish of Madonna of the video Papa don't preach , on the other that phonata and 100% royal of Lady D ., while definitely more rock that oxygenated at the limit of the white of Brigitte Nielsen (which will never betray this hairstyle over the decades). A Gwyneth Paltrow the award for the most trendy platinum short film of the years 90: how to forget his haircut en pandan t with boyfriend (then) Brad Pitt? In the third millennium, many celebs remained faithful to very clear nuances and very short hair for years. Two of all: Sharon Stone and Michelle Williams who have brought to a maximum level of femininity the short cut in the nuances of blond.


Although Charlize Theron has long shown herself with short hair, she never ceases to amaze . On the red carpet of the Oscars he unlined a hairlook generates instant likes, inspired by the clean and minimalist lines of the black Dior dress he wore. To her the prize for the most versatile hairstyle ever. Looking at her, beyond her stratospheric beauty, who would ever say she is 44 years old? The Benjamin Button effect is also thanks to a guessed cut combined with an elegant and sensual platinum color, the perfect shade to enhance the shortcut and illuminate the complexion and features. Olivia Colman, 46 years old, also appeared rejuvenated on the red carpet: for the English actress, a short bleached cut shortly before the Academy Awards ceremony. A drastic change of image that has also produced a remarkable anti-aging result on her . And what about the fantastic super blond glow and the rejuvenating cut 100% of Jada Pinkett-Smith? Forty-eight years old and demonstrate at least 20 less. Very short and very light hair, finally, also for Asia Argento for which the same speech as above applies: 44 years and young forever.

If you are still hesitating to make an appointment at the coiffeur, browsing the gallery will wipe you out of any doubt. Looking at the celebs of all times and all ages with the short and very blonde cut, you will have no doubts. Over or under 40 that you are.


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