Silver Ribbons 2020: 9 nominations for “Pinocchio” and “Favolacce”

Pinocchio and Favolacce are the favorites for the Silver Ribbons 2020, the prize that is awarded by 74 years since SNGCI (National Union of Italian Film Journalists). This year, however, the ceremony will not take place, as usual, at the Ancient Theater of Taormina, but in a Roman location (to be defined) and with all the security trappings for the Covis emergency.

The film by Matteo Garrone and the very young brothers D'Innocenzo (also awarded at the Berlinale with the Silver Bear for the screenplay) they grab nine nominations, follow The best years with eight nominations, The Goddess Fortuna, The Mayor of the Health District and Martin Eden with seven. In the five best titles, in addition to the two primatist titles and the films directed by Gabriele Muccino and Ferzan Özpetek, stands out Hammamet by Gianni Amelio.


Barbara Chicchiarelli: The desire to be happy, between Favolacce and black holes

To these are added three other names to make up the long list (of 10) of the category “Best director”: Pupi Avati for Il signor diavolo , Cristina Comencini for Tornare (available on streaming platforms) and Gabriele Salvatores for All my crazy love . Among the actors stands Pierfrancesco Favino , recently awarded the David di Donatello for his Buscetta, but this time the Nastri focus on his Craxi in Hammamet . Picchio will have to deal with Luca Marinelli , Coppa Volpi in Venice for Martin Eden, Stefano Accorsi and Edoardo Leo, in couple for La Dea Fortuna , Francesco Di Leva ( The Mayor of the Rione Sanità ) and with Kim Rossi Stuart ( The most beautiful years ).


david di Donatello 2020, Piefrancesco Favino wins the first time as a leading actor

Among the non-protagonists Roberto Benigni is the super favorite thanks to his Geppetto in Pinocchio by Garrone. Carlo Buccirosso ( 5 is the perfect number ), Carlo Cecchi ( Martin Eden ), Massimiliano Gallo and Roberto De Francesco ( The Mayor of the Rione Sanità ) and Massimo Popolizio ( The first Christmas – The thief of days ) are his direct competitors .

The “Best Actress” category also defends itself for the quality of the protagonists. Giovanna Mezzogiorno ( Tornare) leads the list composed by Micaela Ramazzotti ( The most beautiful years ), Jasmine Trinca ( La Goddess Fortuna ), Lunetta Savino ( Rosa ) and Lucia Sardo ( Picciridda ).

The race is open among the non-protagonists. There are: Barbara Chichiarelli ( Favolacce ), Matilde Gioli ( The golden men ), Valeria Golino competing with two films ( 5 is the perfect number Portrait of the young woman in flames ), the star of the series Baby Benedetta Porcaroli ( 18 gifts ) and Alba Rohrwacher (Maybe).

Ficarra and Picone with The first Christmas, after having withdrawn the spectator's David, end up in the fifth for the best comedy of the year . The adversaries are tough: from Figli, last film written by Mattia Torre to Far away by Gianni Di Gregorio, from I hate Massimo Venier's summer with Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo, at Tolo tolo by Checco Zalone. Will the box office king manage to bring home his first Ribbon?

The Lifetime Achievement Award will go to Toni Servillo , while the Ribbon of the Year will be awarded to I wanted to hide by Giorgio Rights, which rewards the director, the producers (Carlo Degli Esposti and Nicola Serra for Palomar and Paolo Del Brocco for Rai Cinema), the entire team of technicians and collaborators, and the actor Elio Germano , extraordinary in the role of the painter Ligabue . “We hope to share this award with all viewers soon,” Germano said in a video message. Appointment towards the end of June-beginning of July for the ceremony (sui generis) of the Silver Ribbons 2020.


Berlinale 2020, Elio Germano best actor: I dedicate the prize to all the wrong ones



The most beautiful years by Gabriele Muccino

Hammamet by Gianni Amelio

The goddess luck by Ferzan Ozpetek

Favolacce by Damiano and Fabio D'Innocenzo

Pincocchio by Matteo Garrone


Gianni Amelio – Hammamet

Pupi Avati – The Devil Mister

Cristina Comencini – Come back

Fratelli D’Innocenzo – Favolacce

Matteo Garrone – Pinocchio

Pietro Marcello – Martin Eden

Mario Martone – The mayor of the Rione Sanità

Gabriele Muccino – The most beautiful years

Ferzan Ozpetek – The Lucky Goddess

Gabriele Salvatores – All my crazy love


Stefano Cipani – My Brother Chases Dinosaurs

Marco D’Amore – The immortal

Roberto De Feo – The Nest

Ginevra Elkann – Maybe

Carlo Sironi – Sole

Igor Tuveri (Igort) – 5 Is The Perfect Number


Children of Giuseppe Bonito

Salvo Ficarra's First Christmas, Valentino Picone

Far Away by Gianni Di Gregorio

I hate Massimo Venier's summer

Tolo Tolo by Luca Medici


Stefano Accorsi, Edoardo Leo – The goddess of luck

Pierfrancesco Favino – Hammamet

Luca Marinelli – Martin Eden

Francesco Di Leva – The Mayor of the Rione Sanità

Kim Rossi Stuart – The Most Beautiful Years


Giovanna Mezzogiorno – Come back

Micaela Ramazzotti – The most beautiful years

Bezel Savino – Rose

Lucia Sardo – Picciridda

Jasmine Trinca – The Goddess Fortuna


Roberto Benigni – Pinocchio

Carlo Buccirosso – 5 is the perfect number

Carlo Cecchi – Martin Eden

M Gallo, R. De Francesco – The Mayor of the Rione Sanità

Massimo Popolizio – The First Christmas; The Thief of Days


Barbara Chichiarelli – Favolacce

Matilde Gioli – The Golden Men

Valeria Golino – 5 is the perfect number; Portrait Of The Young Woman In Flames

Benedetta Porcaroli– 18 Gifts

Alba Rohrwacher – Maybe


Luca Argentero – Good girls

Giorgio Colangeli – Far Away

Valerio Mastandrea – Sons

Giampaolo Morelli – 7 hours to make you fall in love

Gianmarco Tognazzi – They are just ghosts


Antonella Attili – Tolo Tolo

Paola Cortellesi – Sons

Anna Foglietta – D.N.A. – Definitely Not Suitable

Lucia Mascino – I hate summer

Serena Rossi – Good girls; 7 hours to make you fall in love


Marco Belardi, Lotus Production and Paolo del Brocco, Rai Cinema 3 with r Marys Ent.- The most beautiful years;

Agostino, Giuseppe and Mariagrazia Saccà, Rai Cinema and Vision Distribution – Favolacce and Hammamet ;

Attilio De Razza, Tramp Limited, Giampaolo Letta di Medusa – The first Christmas;

Luca Barbaraeschi, Eliseo Cinema, Paolo del Brocco Rai Cinema – The Officer and the spy;

Matteo Garrone Archimede film, Paolo del Brocco Rai Cinema, Leone Film – Pinocchio


Favolacce – Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo

The Mayor of the Rione Sanità – Mario Martone, Ippolita Di Majo

The Goddess Fortuna – Gianni Romoli, Silvia Ranfagni, Ferzan Ozpetek

Martin Eden – Pietro Marcello, Maurizio Braucci

All my crazy love – Umberto Contarello, Sara Mosetti


Bar Giuseppe di Giulio Base

Buio by Emanuela Rossi

The great leap by Daniele Costantini

Signor Diavolo di Pupi, Antonio and Tommaso Avati

The man in the labyrinth by Donato Carrisi


Luan Amelio – Hammamet

Paolo Carnera – Favolacce

Daniele Ciprì – The first Christmas

Daria D’Antonio – Returning; The thief of days

Italo Petriccione – All my crazy love


Dimitri Capuani – Pinocchio

Emita Frigato, Paola Peraro – Favolacce

Giuliano Pannuti – The Mister Devil

Luca Servino – Martin Eden

Tonino Zera – The man of the labyrinth


Massimo Cantini Parrini – Pinocchio; Favolacce

Cristina Francioni – The first Christmas

Alessandro Lai – Returning

Andrea Cavaletto – Martin Eden

Nicoletta Taranta – 5 is the perfect number


Esmeralda Calabria – Favolacce

Marco Spoletini – Pinocchio; Villa with guests

Jacopo Quadri – The Mayor of the Rione Sanità

Patrizio Marone – The immortal

Claudio Di Mauro – The most beautiful years; 18 presents


Maurizio Argentieri – The mayor of the Sanità district; Return

Gianluca Costamagna – The immortal

Denny De Angelis – Martin Eden

Maricetta Lombardo – Pinocchio

Gilberto Martinelli – All my crazy love


Brunori Sas – I hate summer

Pasquale Catalano – The goddess of luck

Dario Marianelli – Pinocchio

Mauro Pagani – All my crazy love

Nicola Piovani – The most beautiful years


What a wonderful life of Diodato – The Goddess Fortuna

The most beautiful years of Claudio Baglioni – The most beautiful years

The thief of days by Alessandro Nelson Garofalo sung by Alessandro Nero Nelson and Claudio Gnut – The thief of days

Rione Sanità by Ralph P. (Raffaele Buonomo) – The Mayor of the Rione Sanità

A distraction error by Brunori Sas – The guest

We come from Napoli by Liberato with Robert Del Naja – Ultras

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