Some virologists call for calm: «Coronavirus? It's not a pandemic »

While Lombardy and Veneto are paralyzed by the fear of coronavirus contagion, there are those who try to lower the alarming tones: “If people started to call it flu-like syndrome caused by coronavirus, people would already be calm”.

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While schools are closing, municipalities are being armored and companies are preparing for telework, there are those who try to recall the calm on the alarm coronavirus .

“Read! It is not a pandemic! During the past week the mortality from influenza has been of 217 deaths per day! For Coronavirus 1 !!! », so writes Maria Rita Gismondo , director in charge of Clinical Macrobiology, Virology and Bioemergency Diagnostics, of the laboratory of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, in a post on Facebook.

And this morning, after intense work yesterday when the coronavirus alert broke out, he wrote: “My morning bulletin.

Our lab churned out exams all night. Samples come on and on. It seems madness to me. She swapped an infection just more serious than a flu for a lethal pandemic. It is not so. Look at the numbers. This madness will do much harm, especially from an economic point of view. My angels are exhausted. I run to bring them breakfast. Today my Sunday will be at the Sack. Please, lower your tones! Sunny Sunday! “

Not the only one who calls for caution in dealing with the matter, Ilaria Capua , virologist who directs One Health Center of Excellence of the University of Florida in the United States, invites the epidemic to be called by its own name. “I hear idiot voicemails going around to scare or ridicule the situation. There is no crying but no laughing, “he tweeted.

And in an interview with Adkronos Salute he added. “We are witnessing the spread of a flu-like syndrome caused by coronavirus. And if people started calling like that, people would already be calm. “

«The increase in the number of positivity is due to the fact that now they have started looking, a month ago for those with respiratory symptoms the diagnosis was of flu. Now, with the diagnostic tests, the active search backwards of the contacts and movements of the patients, it is clear that the number of cases increases. But is a mild form and I emphasize that one should start calling coronavirus flu-like syndrome in order not to frighten people . “

The expert had already foreseen the spread of the virus when she was a guest of Myrta Merlino in «The air that pulls», on La7: «It would be good that, in anticipation of the arrival of the coronavirus in Italy, employers began to organize themselves, so that their employees can also start working from home. Each infectious disease has an incubation period, during which the infected person shows no symptoms. The contagion certainly occurs even without symptoms. A person who begins to sneeze is infected. “

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