Spotify: how the podcast section is renewed

Spotify: come si rinnova la sezione podcast

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More prominently the trailers and categories on the shows, to understand first what we are going to listen to. All the tricks to better use the audio streaming platform

Recently bought The Ringer , appreciated Bill Simmons' sports, cultural and entertainment podcast network. Between 2018 and 2019, instead, the app Anchor to allow everyone to get to work easily , but also Gimlet Media , specialized in the original contents. That Spotify is betting heavily on podcasts is nothing new. The sector will also weigh something like a billion dollars within the next year , according to the forecasts of the PwC consultancy giant.

In short, it will also be curious that the new hen with the golden eggs of streaming audio consumption is actually a formula strongly seasoned – just think that « podcasting »was elected word of the year by the US dictionary New Oxford in the most pierced 2005 – but evidently those content on demand, serialized , capable of slipping gracefully into the commuting and in the dead moments of the day stimulating interest and giving us the idea of ​​enhancing them, they work. And how if they work.

So, on the wave of all this and much more, the Anglo-Swedish platform – which now counts 271 millions of monthly users of which 124 paying – has reorganized the entire section podcasts . Taking the problem problem head-on: time. «It is a precious resource: there are many podcasts to listen to but never enough time to discover them all – explains the group founded by Daniel Ek – Spotify comes to the aid of its users, helping them to understand the content of a show faster and faster and therefore decide whether to start listening to it or not “.

Like? With a new section design full of new features that will basically serve this: grasp more and better what you are about to hear . For example, where present, the trailer episodes – which can be made with the Anchor app – will be highlighted at the top of the episode list of a certain title , so as to give users the opportunity to listen to the preview of the show and discover new genres. Same goes for the category tags , also those at the top.

Then there is a new page design Podcast Show , which is a bit the engine of the whole section: if the descriptions move upwards to allow you to have information on podcasts and episodes at your fingertips, also the categories , as mentioned, are changed. Are you looking for a specific genre or show? The genre will be shown below the podcast description – from “Personal Stories” to “Real Crime Stories”, “Travel”, “Relationships” and more. Obviously, clicking on the category you can find similar content in a tap.

Spotify currently offers a catalog from 700 thousand podcasts in 79 markets in which it is present , with a variety of topics from very different authors and creators. According to the numbers of the last quarterly, decidedly positive given that on average 2.3 million users subscribed to Premium every month, podcasts have pulled part of the growth . The colossus's thesis is that they are a very powerful way of promoting the conversion of users from free to paid : if with music, random reproduction and a little publicity do not seem to be a problem, when you become loyal to a narrated content, disappointment and impatience grow and therefore would tend to subscribe more quickly . And to use the application for longer .


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