Stefano De Martino, who focuses only on work (far from Belen)

Stefano De Martino, che si concentra solo sul lavoro (lontano da Belen)

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If the Argentine showgirl has “broken the silence” on the crisis in an Instagram video, the dancer and conductor prefers not to comment. On social networks he does not respond to the provocations of the followers, and looks ahead. The split between the two was deepened by quarantine

Stefano De Martino looks ahead. And in his present, at the moment, there seems to be no room for Belén Rodriguez . The dancer and conductor for several weeks now is in Naples, where he is working on the new edition of Made In Sud . The Argentine showgirl, however, is in Milan with her son Santiago, 7 years old. The two returned to being a couple in the spring of 2019 after four years spent separately, but now the their ways seem to have split again. There are no official confirmations yet, but the gossip tells of a “fracture” that has reached the end of the quarantine .

And if Belén, 35 years, he “broke the silence” in an Instagram video telling of the “difficult moment” he is experiencing and he did not expect, De Martino prefers not to comment . In an interview with Smiles and Songs , the 3-year-old explained that his private life today “is better left private”. Point. And on social media Stefano does not let himself go either in jokes or half-truths. To his last photo, upside down, the dancer only adds an emoticon. And if in the comments the followers find no peace (« Come back to Belen running !!» or «It happens that to straighten things you have to look at them in reverse “), he stoic does not answer.

According to the well-informed, the misunderstandings of all time have made the couple burst again , made even more deep from lockdown and forced captivity. It seems that the two now have different visions and different ways to proceed. There are those who refer to “alleged betrayals” instead of him and his desire to want to keep him under control. Who knows.

« Sometimes life puts you in front of the same problems just because you know it. And it is right that it is so, so you learn », she says on the Net. While from Naples everything continues to be silent.


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