Sustainable development and circular economy: this is how fashion starts again

Something needed to be done, the data of the European Environment Agency were alarming: every European citizen consumes annually 26 kilos of clothes – three times the 1975 – and in at least throw away 11 kilos. An absurd waste, to which is also added the fact that during the textile production processes, located mainly in Asian countries, the use of more than 3500 pollutants, 750 of which even classified as dangerous for human health and 440 dangerous for the environment.

The Fashion Pact signed in Paris, on the sidelines of the last G7, indicates, however, that sustainability must become an essential value and highly requested also in the world of fashion.

To be honest, our country is one of the most sensitive in the European context , even if the textile sector is still a linear economic system, in which still little is reused and recycled. Of the 100 billion pieces produced every year in the world, less than 1 percent are recycled into new clothes.

However, over the years there have been programs and proposals in this regard, one above all that of H&M Garment Collecting , for which you deliver your bag of used textile products to the cashier in exchange for a discount voucher to be used on the next purchase.

Lately it is from Mantero , a Como company well known because for over a century it has been creating, producing and distributing silk and fabrics valuable to the most well-known fashion brands, an important example arrives: in fact Resilk was presented, a project that aims to give new life to silk, obtaining an extraordinary fabric similar to cashmere, obtained through a traceable process completely Made in Italy, certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard) , aimed at reducing the waste born from the waste and surplus of unused fabrics, designed to regenerate – in the true sense of the word – the thread of silk and create innovative and unique fabrics, with unexpected softness and warmth, in full respect of sustainable ethics.

Ora Resilk – made in partnership with Ecote di Marchi & Fildi – ha its logo and some recycled products arrive on the market already with the collection autumn winter 2020 – 2021 .

This is a further step of that path that Mantero is pursuing in terms of sustainability, following with commitment the 17 objectives for Sustainable Development listed in the Agenda 2030 , the action program signed by the governments of the 193 member countries UN. Over the years there have been many green initiatives by Mantero, always aimed at implementing the revision processes, which have led to obtaining important certifications: new technologies have been introduced in the company for the abatement of emissions and for energy cogeneration and always used only ZDHC processes i.e. Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals .

The Como company, however, wants to have a sustainable approach to 360 °, because environmental attention also implies attention to social rights and people's well-being. And so Mantero has now inaugurated a new project with UNCHR, the UN refugee agency, pledging to introduce professionals from troubled countries such as Mali, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Syria into its production.

Here, this is called the future.


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