Tanning in pregnancy: all the rules to follow

Show off a beautiful tan during pregnancy ? Yes, it is possible. Being on hold does not mean giving up a little tan at all. Therefore, dear future mothers, the good news is that you can even tan with your baby bump. It is clear, however, that some more foresight will have to be had. On the other hand, if already in normal conditions it is necessary to expose yourself to the sun following certain rules, it is easy to guess that this package of attentions, in the presence of a pregnancy and a body disrupted by a myriad of changes, will be a little bit enlarged.

But how much? In short, what are the rules to follow for those wishing to boast a little tan during pregnancy? To get some information on this topic, we consulted two experts from the Aied from Rome, the dermatologist Maria Assunta Cannataro and the gynecologist Stefania Tucci.

To begin with, can it be said that, within certain limits, the sun can benefit the health of a pregnant woman?

«Absolutely yes» confirms the gynecologist. “For a pregnant woman, sunbathing means filling up with psycho-physical well-being.

Let's talk about tanning in pregnancy. What are the risks of excessive or incorrect exposure to the sun for a pregnant woman?

“To begin with, a pregnant woman runs the same risks as any other person” replies Maria Assunta Cannataro, dermatologist . Therefore, in the event of excessive or incorrect exposure to the sun, even a pregnant woman could face sunburn or rash. «In addition to the usual risks, however – adds Stefania Tucci gynecologist – a pregnant woman could run others. In the meantime, given that during pregnancy the pressure of a woman decreases, following an excessive exposure to the sun, a pregnant woman could experience more heat and more easily face dizziness or real fainting “.

Does being in the first, second or third trimester of pregnancy change anything in the attention to be paid to the sun and tanning?

“The ideal would be to take the necessary precautions from the beginning of pregnancy. However, we could specify that the attention threshold to be expected should be maximum in the last quarter. Partly because of the pressure which, with the passing of the months, becomes even lower and a little because the skin of the belly (which in the meantime has become larger) is thinner than in previous months and therefore more delicate »explains the dermatologist Maria Assunta Cannataro.

Should a pregnant woman use protective creams only at the sea or even in the city?

'He should always use them. The suggestion is to (always) protect the parts exposed to the sun (such as the face, décolleté and hands) because during pregnancy the skin, due to some hormonal changes (i.e. under the action of a greater amount of circulating estrogen), becomes more photo-sensitive and predisposed to the development of some imperfections (the so-called gravid spots or cloasms). From this point of view, for a pregnant woman an excessive exposure to the sun could favor even more the onset of skin imperfections already possible during gestation “explains the dermatologist Maria Assunta Cannataro .

Should you protect yourself from the sun only in summer or even in winter during pregnancy?

“Even in winter” replies the dermatologist Maria Assunta Cannataro . “Because the photo-sensitizing action caused by hormonal changes of pregnancy is always present. Regardless of the current season. The only difference is that in winter it is possible to take fewer precautions both because the sun sets earlier and because the parts exposed to its rays would be less (just the face, neck and hands). “

So what small and simple rules should a pregnant woman follow if she wants to tan?

Here are the guidelines drawn up in unison by gynecologist Stefania Tucci and dermatologist Maria Assunta Cannataro .


What level of protection should a pregnant woman prefer when choosing protective creams? « 50 + for face, décolleté and belly. And then always 50 + or also, if desired, also 30 , for the rest of the body “.


«Watch out for three or four hours in a row from day one. It is preferable to proceed progressively and lengthen the exposure times a little at a time (for example, it may be ok to increase the exposure by one hour a day) “.


Advice valid for everyone and, even more so, for pregnant women, who are dealing with skin more sensitive to the sun's rays: «Avoid absolutely sunbathing in the middle hours of the day. Show up only in the early hours of the morning and in the late afternoon “.


«Notice to the difference between” more delicate “or” less delicate “complexions. During pregnancy, a woman's skin, regardless of her skin type , becomes more sensitive to sunlight and therefore, if we talk about rules to follow for tanning in pregnancy, we must remind us that these recommendations apply to both women with light complexions and those with dark complexions “.


The more the pregnancy goes on, the more the skin of the belly becomes thinner and becomes more delicate. “Therefore, the closer you get to the third trimester or the end of pregnancy, the more necessary it is to protect your belly properly.”


Yes to the classic after sun. «For the belly, in the absence of sunburn, the sweet almond oil , whose use is recommended for the entire duration of the pregnancy (on the abdomen as well as on the otherwise)”.


One-piece swimsuit or bikini? «Towards the end of pregnancy (ie when the skin of the belly is thinned) the one-piece swimsuit would be preferable. But if a woman prefers a bikini, there is no problem: the important thing is to keep in mind that the bigger the belly, the more it requires precautions “.


Are there any foods that could benefit the skin of a pregnant woman in the summer? “Let's say there are foods that can benefit everyone and that maybe, for a pregnant woman, they are only a little more recommended than usual. Which? The usual. Seasonal fruit and vegetables . Compared to tanning, it may be particularly useful to fill up on carrots , rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A “.

And for those who now want some suggestions also in terms of solar , here is a rose of high protection products.

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