The Bepi Colombo spacecraft, directed on Mercury, also has things to tell us on Earth

The probe appointed to study the innermost planet of the solar system will make a reconnaissance tour of our planet tomorrow

Once on Earth, twice on Venus, then six times on Mercury: these are the stages planned for the long journey of the Bepi Colombo spacecraft, – so named in honor of the Paduan mathematician, physicist and astronomer – once real pinball ball to discover the innermost planet of the solar system.

Tomorrow, 10 April , will be the Earth's turn, which will be used as a brake to decelerate the spacecraft and put it on the right track to then fly towards Venus, where overflight is scheduled for next October. But it will also be an opportunity for scientists to fine-tune its sensors – and, why not, try to get new information on our planet too.

In the video, released by the European Space Agency (which is at the forefront of the mission) you will find everything you need to know to prepare for the flyby.

(Credit video: Esa)

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