The horoscope of Antonio Capitani from 19 to 25 February 2020

How will it go this week? The horoscope of Antonio Capitani who reads the stars for Vanity Fair .

The lucky sign? This week it's up to Pisces : «You know how to sell yourself with timing, charm and determination. Even in the work that seems to open up innovative and well-paid horizons. Saturn also makes you more respected and authoritative, but don't mont yourself the head. Your psychophysical form also acquires radiance, friendships prove balsamic. And thanks to the hard lemon with Mars, pig tornados suck you vorticosally.

Uau “.

And the others? N in the gallery the detailed forecasts for everyone, sign by sign.

( Illustrations Chiara Dal Maso and Dewie Drofenga )


The Horoscope of Antonio Capitani, week by week

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