The new caste

Here, the time has come: now Orwell's pigs can no longer distinguish them. Now they walk upright, wear well-cut, well-cut clothes, swell with food and whiskey, and sing and throw punches on the tables until night. I laugh enchanted by their astounding, fairy-tale unawareness. It was all written but they hadn't read it, and they still don't read it. Too busy to enjoy himself, closed with double delivery in the manor house, but it is not a saying: until a few hours ago they remained inside the villa of the eighteenth-century aristocratic burbanza, Villa Doria Pamphilj, and the whole world outside.

They had to meet with the powerful and the famous, discussing high issues and diriments has happily been called our Bilderberg, but a Bilderberg of the third grade. How far away the ridiculousness of streaming, of the glass house, they put on a turreted caste miraculous ones that is a lot of fun, in the evening they appear in lush gardens with a Korean background to communicate the generous perspectives, the double-breasted jacket is the guarantee of seriousness and truth . They leave the place of the heavy effort in blue cars – swarms of blue cars! – and take a few hours of well-deserved rest behind the exotic dunes of Sabaudia, or in marble hotels in Capri with a view of the faraglioni. We will soon embrace them again in the talks, which were the site of opiate hypnosis, and have become the daily stage on the country from which they declare themselves authors of historical pages. The digital revolution of the laws of the people written by the people on the Rousseau platform are a souvenir of the pioneering times, now the great backdrop of the quibble is being explored to re-emerge to the world with the abolition of the double mandate, in view of the third and fourth, i.e. andreottism unfortunately without Andreotti.

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