The ninetieth minute of the twins D'Innocenzo

There are many worlds within the twins of Innocenzo , there are rhymes verse strips comic books novels songs and films. There are inventions like children who make bombs in the province and there are phrases like this: “Imagination exists in the instant it disperses. It is never a prisoner. It's always scary. ” Damiano and Fabio won Favolacce the Silver Bear in Berlin for the screenplay shortly before the lockdown, the Closed Room Films has just been streamed. They speak with one voice because they feel this way, each total only in the other, “with the luck that our imagination adds up, we have always done everything together, except the least hygienic things”.

What is said about the twins then is it true?

“There is nothing legendary about the twins. Having one makes you more likely to listen to pain in someone else. I have an image in front of my eyes (here is Fabio speaking, ed), the summer sea and we two children, Damiano overwhelmed by a wave and I who find myself alone. I will have turned around twenty times to look for him, he was dead for me, I imagined life without him. When it came out, he laughed and I lacked air. So now it's the same if the imagination visits one or the other. So much we know the things that are on the cock “.

For example?

«The hierarchical way of living the set. We live in it mixed with train drivers and runners. This thing makes it more alive and fruitful, everyone feels deprived of inhibition and inclined to have a say. Help build worlds. “

What books did you have at home as a child?

«A great mix. Gianni Rodari, Marina Cvetaeva, Marguerite Duras, Rick Moody, then Camus, Sartre, there could also be something like Erri De Luca inside, but we were aiming for the shelves at the top. Where our parents put Henry Miller and Bukowski, thinking we wouldn't get there. We were fortunate to be born of two people of a boundless culture. Dad was fishing, mom is a writer who never made anyone read anything. We are not rich, on the contrary, but culture has protected us from the outside world. We have grown up with many imaginary worlds “.

What were they? What did you do when you weren't climbing on the library?

«We were two introverts. The alternative was to play ball or bump into other kids after losing. The fact is that when you have a twin, you don't have to go out to be with your best friend. You can stay in your pajamas. So we spent time drawing and imagining. At 11 years we were doing the Disney Academy but there was too much pressure. Certain things came out in the newspapers. Thinking about it now was a little disturbing. When we stopped, we still had the desire to feed on stories, to do something artistic. But without enrolling in the artistic, for charity “.

Who had the artistic high school wrong?

«It was full of guys with colored hair and Etnies shoes, a lot of originality on the outside and empty inside. We said to ourselves: let's go to the hotel. It had the advantage of being an easy school. It would take us a long time to continue reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies. The surprise is never having been poisoned by cooking. Today we do not know how to turn on the oven but we have cultivated creativity “.

What did they think of this project at home?

«They have resigned themselves. At the beginning they encouraged us rationally: follow dreams, they said, but keep your feet on the ground. At some point they let us go. They looked at our eyes and not the results. It was a great act of love to have understood that one day we could have paid the rent with our imagination “.

Why do you often talk about football?

«It is a watch, a compass that marks the seasons. It affects the imagination. If our films are 90 minutes it is no accident. It is the perfect duration, rooted in our culture, even in the theater. We are as formatted on that unit of measure. We have all seen more games than movies. Sarah Kane says that when she writes she aims to create the passion of a stadium. Football is the same as literature. It ignites primordial instincts such as the fear of losing or the irresistible joy of having won without deserving it “.

Did you have favorite fairy tales?

“Rodari. But the world of Peanuts is what we wanted to live, with its idea of ​​sweetness, naivety, disenchantment. Full of nuances. Schulz is the greatest poet of all time “.

Your first fantasy?

“A friend older than a couple of years, we played under a blanket, she came out very amused, us less, we did not understand the rules, but in the sex of boys there is a dimension of mystery that should never be lost” .

The first fantasy in the sense of written history.

“Ah, okay. They were strips designed for our father. The protagonist was an unfortunate piglet, Gino Pilotino, who lived in a condition of poverty in the midst of wealthy peers. Like us. The strips were the dessert at the table, he laughed at the end of dinner, we were 6 or 7 years old, and we found that our imagination made him feel good. All those who have the ambition to tell stories are required to eavesdrop on the lives of others. It would be illegal if they didn't. The only area not to be frequented is the imagination of another artist. Then it happens to appropriate some shots “.

Who did it happen to you?

“Some critics take it for granted that one has seen it all. They wrote that Favolacce resembles Casotto di Citti, Brutti, dirty and bad of Scola. But we at Citti have not seen anything, and Scola's film hasn't. We have huge gaps. Take Pasolini. He is like an uncle of America, we feel it in DNA, but we have only seen Theorem. If we copied, we don't know. “

How much childhood is there in the imagination?

“At 31 years childhood you can deduce it from childhood, you don't remember it. Fragments of it remain, such as the change in the bar. It is an imaginative reconstruction of a rapacious but simple age, an age in which you only had to wash yourself, live on reactions and pure imagination “.

And how is the purest imagination?

«Without connotations or control. Imagination is true if it frightens. It is not of this world. Where were the ideas that come to you? It's nice that the mystery remains unanswered. Do you think balls try to understand it with a psychologist. On the other hand, art allows you to free even the worst fantasies. If you open a gate and send the dogs out, it's not that you then tell them where they should go “.


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