The passions of Prince George: from spiders to guitar

Le passioni del principino George: dai ragni alla chitarra

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Mum Kate confirmed during an online chat that the heir to the throne is increasingly interested in spiders, from books to real insects

Once again it is mother Kate to reveal, or rather confirm a passion of her firstborn son. Prince George likes spiders and snakes. Not that it was not known, but the many clues are now becoming valid evidence in particular for insects with four pairs of legs that seem to be of particular interest to the heir to the throne.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband participated in the online bingo with the guests of a rest home. Announcing one of the numbers, Kate made a play on words referring precisely to the snakes saying that George would have really liked it.

The real observers have begun to connect all the previous references and have found confirmation of the passion for some animals of the child who, next July, will turn seven years old. Just a few weeks ago the Duchess had said that George preferred spider sandwiches (the reference it's a children's book, but also some snacks) of her sister Charlotte about her elementary school writing assignments. Spiders also return here and it was already known that the child, now in the countryside during the period of isolation, loves to hunt them.

He is in good company. The passion for spiders and insects in general is common to many children , even if not from blue blood. The same goes for snakes, reptiles that fascinate many young ones, like all animals in general.

Little George is also an artist, not just a naturalist . Among the photos that Kate Middleton shared on the official profile of Kensington Palace for Mother's Day, a few weeks, there is also the gift that the eldest son has created for her: a card on which a yellow vase is drawn with at the center a heart from which three poppies emerge. Among his passions there is also classical dance , which he practiced at school, and is learning to play the guitar.


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