The quarantine of Robbie Williams and Ayda Field, between garden appointments and dancing

La quarantena di Robbie Williams e Ayda Field, tra appuntamenti in giardino e balli

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The couple, who in (2010 got married , said the lockdown via Instagram. Between appointments in the home garden and parties in the living room, he made a fine show of an irony that fans discovered to love

Before, he was a dancing father. Then, a sort of knight of the rhyme, with a wire mesh on his head. Robbie Williams, in the quarantine days, reinvented himself on Instagram, giving vent to a fantasy that seems to be able to do everything. Also pave the way for renewed romance. With his wife Ayda Field, who on his social profile has documented the couple's harmony , the singer improvised some small love escapes . Some of them had the background of the living room furniture.

Others, the home garden.

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field, four children born between 2012 and 2020, they are fully dressed. They put on make-up and, like any other boyfriends, intent on celebrating their love, they secluded themselves in a corner of the big house, trying to get the best that the pandemic can offer them.

Smiling and in love, they photographed themselves for the benefit of Instagram. Shooting, sometimes. And the fan reaction was surprising. The couple, married in August of 2010 , showed off an irony that the public said to adore. And who knows, once back to a normality that can be said to be such, the two do not want to continue to tell each other a little more, inside and outside the home.


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