The true story of Meghan Markle's messy bun, told by her hair stylist

La vera storia del messy bun di Meghan Markle, raccontata dal suo hair stylist

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How it was born and what was the message it had to bring, all the background on the iconic harvest of the ex Duchess of Sussex, told by his trusty hair stylist George Northwood

During the period when Meghan Markle is been a member of the royal family we followed the developments of her messy bun with passion, recording the evolution up to the etoile style chignon version. Now that Meghan has officially returned to the state of “Cali Girl”, or California Girl because she moved with Harry and Archie to Los Angeles, post Megxit (the departure from real obligations), the hair stylist who signed her looks from the wedding day, George Northwood , came out of the shadows and with a series of post on his Instagram profile revealed that he had been alongside the Duchess of Sussex on all the most important occasions.

In an interview with British Vogue, the stylist explained how Meghan's iconic messy bun was born , low and slightly disheveled. “The idea was to make his hairstyle appropriate and adherent to the real and at the same time modern protocol,” said Northwood. «We wanted to collect them, because in most cases it was the best choice for the situation, but we didn't want them to be too formal. Meghan's hair was to represent a refined imperfection “.

And about their meeting he told : «We were introduced to mutual friends when she had just arrived in London and was looking for a new hairdresser. I went to meet her and we understood each other immediately. I think I met her in February 2018, around Valentine's Day. I was a bit taken, but then I realized it was like my California clients. She said, “I'm a Cali girl,” and I replied, “One of my favorites” and we found each other – we immediately spoke the same language. “

«We have been on tour for three weeks in Australia, New Zealand and Tonga, and many times it was just me and her – with commitments that followed one after the other, many different looks and a 'full agenda, so we inevitably got to know each other really well,' said Northwood. “As a hairdresser, you have a more intimate role in preparing a person …. Then at some point we made the Cali girl hair a little formal and we had fun”.


« Her approach to things is that of a normal woman who lives everyday life – has a real sense of style and did not want to be distant, even if he was a princess. She was a true modern princess, one to relate to and be inspired by, and her hair was to represent this attitude “.

The iconic look of the evening reception on the wedding day was born after a chat between the two to find a solution between the elegant and the relaxed, as Northwood said. “Often with brides – and with her it was no different – the daytime event is a bit more stressful, but then the evening comes and the desire to have fun also. This was the sense of the look I had made: wearable, effortless and resistant to the disco moment “.


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