There is a medical App that allows you to better manage the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is not only a diet that allows you to lose weight or improve your sports performance, in many cases it can also be the only solution for keep at bay certain medical diseases .

As for example, the deficiency of Glut1 , a very rare neurological pathology of genetic origin (a thousand cases in the world), characterized by drug-resistant epilepsy or migraine. This syndrome, also known as De Vivo disease , is a pathology that compromises the normal transit of glucose from the blood to the brain , with consequences very serious on the organ.

For this syndrome, the ketogenic diet is currently the only treatment available to keep symptoms under control. To facilitate the patients and their families in the construction of their meals, in keeping in constant contact with their reference doctors and in exchanging food information and clinical data, the Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with the Associazione Italiana Glut1 onlus has developed Ketonet , the app for easier management of the ketogenic diet, available both for Android and iOS.

Thanks to this IT tool and the new interface for more immediate consultation, the families of these patients have thus received great support in the creation of meals , which require extreme care in the dosage and choice of “permitted” foods.

Developed totally free of charge by the team of Professor Luciano Baresi of the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering of the Milan Polytechnic, also thanks to the medical-scientific collaboration of the Study Center and Research on Human Nutrition and Eating Behavior Disorders of the University of Pavia, Ketonet today has over 6,000 members and 400 ketogenic recipes uploaded by users and endorsed by nutrition experts.

«The collaboration and commitment of the Politecnico di Milano continues in favor of the Italian Glut1 Association in the belief that it is essential to put technical knowledge in favor of the good of all – declares Rector Ferruccio Resta – We know that the direction taken is the right one. The positive feedback from users has allowed us to make further improvements and new features to an app that has radically changed the daily lives of the families of patients who follow the ketogenic protocols “.

«The instrument has greatly simplified the customization of the single diet, which although being built according to the indications of the doctors, can be adapted on the basis of the patient's tastes – says the Engineer Alessandra Camerin i, referent of the project for the Association and mother of a child with Glut deficiency syndrome1 – This significantly increases compliance and therefore the possibility of rigorously following a diet that may not be accepted, especially with the growth and independence of the children “.

Free and easily downloadable from the site in well 22 European countries, Ketonet is an app intuitive and searchable everywhere, which contains a consistent and interactive database of customizable foods and recipes.

After registration and set up, you can connect to an interface, where you can: manage your diet, using a database of over a thousand foods; consult the constantly updated list of Ketonet recipes or contribute your own recipes by sending them directly from the app; send notifications to the reference nutritionist; record and view clinical data such as ketonemia, ketonuria and blood sugar, sending them to the dietician for constant monitoring and keeping a diary in which to easily record reusable meals, setups and diets.

Your profile on the app can also be modulated and used for any protocol of the ketogenic diet , from the most restrictive ones for diseases to the more liberal ones such as the MCT diet, the modified Atkins diet or the low glycemic index diet.

Since the ketogenic diet is a diet that can be followed only under strict medical supervision , as it is very stringent from the point of view of nutrients, Ketonet can be used by anyone who follows a medical protocol with the application of the ketogenic diet : therefore, in addition to patients suffering from Glut1 deficiency, also by those who must observe a strong weight loss ( bariatric patients before embarking on the surgery) or professional sportsmen who must strengthen the muscular system.


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