#VFQuarantineStories: Daniela Collu, Francesco Sarcina and the best TV series in today's three live Instagram

#VFQuarantineStories: Daniela Collu, Francesco Sarcina e le migliori serie tv nelle tre dirette Instagram di oggi #VFQuarantineStories: Daniela Collu, Francesco Sarcina e le migliori serie tv nelle tre dirette Instagram di oggi

Three new appointments (remotely) with the “items from the quarantine to lighten the quarantine”

The schedule of # VFQuarantineStories , remote conversations with characters from the world of science, entertainment, art, culture close to the world of Vanity Fair.

Today it's the turn of 3 new live events on the Instagram profile of Vanity Fair Italia :

at 11 the director of Vanity Fair, Simone Marchetti , interview the presenter Daniela Collu .

at 12 , the Variety expert journalist, Valentina Colosimo, will suggest the series most interesting TVs worth paying attention to right now.

at 17 , Valentina Colosimo interview Francesco Sarcina , frontman of The Vibrations .

After the launch on Friday 13 March , with a remote conversation – broadcast live streaming – between the virologist Roberto Burioni and the CEO of Condé Nast Italia Fedele Usai – moderated always at a distance from the deputy director by Vanity Fair Malcom Pagani – it was the turn yesterday of the interview with Boss Doms, the DJ, guitarist and producer of Achille Lauro .

# VFQuarantineStories is the new format launched by Condé Nast to entertain and inform during this dimension of isolation in which we are all living, in order to bring some company and a smile to the users who perhaps for the first time in the their lives are confronted with too narrow spaces and on the contrary too long times.

# VFQuarantineStories gives voice to the same protagonists of the Vanity Fair Stories format – culminating in a great annual festival second edition – albeit in a manner forcedly different.

The schedule will continue on the Vanity Fair website and social profiles, with activities that will be communicated from time to time. Stay tuned!

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