Victoria Beckham, who finally laughs in the picture (and David makes fun of her immediately)

Victoria Beckham, che finalmente ride in foto (e David la prende subito in giro)

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His son Cruz has posted an old selfie on social media together with the ex Posh Spice, who sports a rare dazzling smile. Her husband's reaction was immediate: “With so white teeth you look like Ross from Friends”

Incredible, but true. Victoria Beckham posted on Instagram a tender selfie together with son Cruz in which it shows a dazzling – how rare – smile. Actually the archive photo , albeit taken by the former Posh Spice, the 'posted the boy, 15 years just turned: «Apparently my mom laughs », he writes as a caption. Unleashing the enthusiastic reaction of its 1.7 million followers.

Among these, there is one that – instead of a classic compliment – preferred a sweet tease: David Beckham. The husband of the ex Posh Spice, in fact, intervened with a funny comment which makes fun of the contrast between the brilliance of the smile, the color of the bathrobe and a fair tan: “With so white teeth i”, writes the ex footballer, «Mum Vic looks like Ross of” Friends . ' “

The reference is to an episode of the legendary sitcom in which David Schwimmer – aka Ross Geller – exaggerates with the tooth whitening in view of a gallant date and ends up being unmasked by an ultraviolet lamp. «Don't mind, you are beautiful when you smile , you should do it more», Victoria fans comment. Aware that this is a very delicate subject for her .

His « poker face », In fact, has been the subject of many speculations: someone had even come to hypothesize that the designer never smiled in public for removing the risk of wrinkles. Nothing could be more false: «The truth is that in the past I often hid myself behind my armatur to », she revealed him last September in an interview with Glamor . “But now things have changed “.

The insecurity linked to one's physicality , it now seems only a distant remember or: «There is something truly liberating in ' embrace what I am today ». Liberating , in fact, like a smile.


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