When Michelle Obama was a girl at the school dance

A satin dress, with small polka dots to color its fabric. It was 1982, when Michelle Obama, her short hair and soap and water face, showed up at the end of the year, with her long dress, the slit open up to the thigh. “Whitney Young Magnet High School has played a vital role in my life. It was there that, for the first time, I went beyond the borders of my neighborhood to see which and how many possibilities extended in front of me “, said the former first lady d America who published a vintage photo on her Instagram profile, returning to the day when she greeted the end of high school with the prom ritual.

The opportunity, far from spontaneous, was offered to her by the # PromChallenge , a challenge launched by MTV together with the association When We All Vote. “If you are a student or a teacher, take part in the challenge and tell us what your school does to register students for the vote,” Michelle Obama wrote on social media, sharing a snapshot of the times gone by.

The woman, in 1982, was a student like many others, enrolled in Whitney Young of Chicago , a public school named after the African American activist. She was still studying and studying, certain that culture would help her leave the working-class neighborhood in which she was born to make her way into the world. To promise him, sitting on the sofa in a narrow city apartment, it was Father Fraser who, together with his mother Miriam, had always worried that the young Michelle learned to use her own voice, to understand the importance of its history and that of its country. Something that Michelle Obama, well before meeting the man to whom she owes the surname, made her own.

The girl, after finishing high school, enrolled in Princeton , among the wealthy whites of the student body. He studied law and, in 1989, now on his career as a lawyer, he met Barack Obama , sealing with a date at the cinema – the film was Do the right thing by Spike Lee – a love that would take her to the White House.


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