Who is Misha Sukyas, new chef of “Truck drivers in Trattoria”

There should have been Rubio , going from trattoria to trattoria (re) discovering a table that television (and, at times, the food alarmism that over the years has spread like wildfire) seemed to have forgotten. Instead, to jump between beds and seats, sharing dishes and counting with the tireless protagonists of Camionisti in Trattoria , it will be Misha Sukyas , Milanese by birth, Armenian by origin and chef by chance, or “compulsion”. To confirm this, after a small trailer started to go broadcast on the Nove, was TvBlog . The site, exclusively, has published the first images of the show's fourth season, whose debut should take place next February .

The format, in the handover, would not change much. The truck drivers would remain three, and three would remain the gastronomic proposals. Sukyas, like Rubio, should move within a well-defined area, from Piedmont to Friuli, from Valtellina to Puglia to explore, in two different points, the Barletta-Andria-Trani triangle and then Salento. He should move in a truck, host, in each episode, of three different truck drivers. These, each following the grumbling of his stomach, should take him to his favorite restaurant, to eat traditional dishes (overflowing) at little price. The tour should end with a winner, elected by Sukyas, who is not new on television.


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The chef, son of an Armenian father and an Italian mother, worked side by side with Carlo Cracco, sous-chef of his Hell's Kitchen . Then, it was 2014 and Sukyas, class 1980, yes he limited himself to taking orders. Three years had to pass before he could take on a leading role, judging firsthand the work of others. In 2017, Sukyas was drafted into the ranks of Food Network, judge of Chopped . He had to judge the avant-garde flair of the competitors, evaluate their creativity, he who, over the years, experimented has made a stylistic figure.

The passion for cooking was born by chance, when his father, unhappy with his school results, sent him to California, to clean dishes with his head bowed. But Sukyas, in the orderly chaos of the kitchen, has found its way. Eighteen, he left for London. He wasn't working much at the time. Rather, he was content to make ends meet on a day-to-day basis, selling himself as casual staff, without a contract or a permanent role. It happened, in the English period, that Sukyas changed three, four, five restaurants a day, accumulating the earnings without certainty or thought for the future. It happened and happened again and again, until the boy came across Antonello Tagliabue .

The chef at the Bice in London was the putative father of Sukyas, his first Maestro. Then others came: Valentino Bosch, Michelle Roux, Marc Philippart, in Holland, Grant King, in Sidney, Moshik Roth, the Israeli chef from whom he borrowed the avant-garde elements of the techno-emotional cuisine. Sukyas has traveled the world: Africa, Europe, China. Then, in 2013, he returned to Italy and, here, he opened the Alchemist . The restaurant did not last long, only one year. Sukyas moved to Milan and, among the Columns of San Lorenzo, opened the Spice Bistrò & Bar . And again, it closed. Another, more futuristic, project followed. And Sukyas didn't give up. He worked, wrote books ( Healthy as a fish, I enjoy as a hedgehog , Vallardi Editore, 2019) and conducted, on Food Network, Comfort Food . He consulted and experimented with new techniques, such as peeling an apple with a drill. Finally, he landed on the Nine. With the truck and the air, a little lived, of the globetrotter pirate.


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