“You only live once”: Vanity Fair invites you to meet Carlo Verdone, Anna Foglietta and Rocco Papaleo

Can a group of doctors who are so precise at work be a disaster in private life? The answer, Carlo Verdone offers it in You live only once , his latest film to be released on 26 February in which he inserts many themes dear to his filmography: from long-standing friendship to his endless knowledge in medical field; from broken loves to the right opportunity to redeem yourself. The protagonists are Professor Umberto Gastaldi, played by Verdone himself, and his formidable team composed of the instrumentalist Lucia Santilli (Anna Foglietta), the anesthesiologist Amadeo Lasalandra (Rocco Papaleo) and his assistant Corrado Pezzella (Max Torture): a group of excellent professionals, but also mockery champions.

Surprising in team play and unsurpassed in giving birth to ruthless jokes, especially if the victim on duty is their friend Amedeo, friends will find themselves at a crossroads when they discover that just Amedeo has little time left to live. It is at this point that, unable to tell him the truth, they think well of organizing a last holiday all together in Puglia, a way to exorcise the fear of death and pretend that be everything as it always has been. The nostalgic streak, however, will often and willingly give way to laughter and curtains that are now the trademark of Carlo Verdone's cinema, which in February celebrated the forty years of A lot beautiful , one of his most successful films.

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On the occasion of the release of You live only once , Vanity Fair will give the possibility for its readers to meet the cast of the film in an exclusive event included in the Vanity Fair Stage : the appointment is for on 26 February from 18. 30 at Frame in Piazza Cadorna in Milan, when the deputy director of Vanity Fair Malcom Pagani will interview Carlo Verdone, Anna Foglietta and Rocco Papaleo. To participate, just register online here and follow the instructions.


Carlo Verdone: «My life was not a walk»


Carlo Verdone, white coat and pharmacy: «My kingdom»

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