“Zenimation”, if Disney magic becomes a sensory experience

«Zenimation», se la magia Disney diventa un'esperienza sensoriale

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Debuts on Disney + Friday 22 May the show dedicated to the wonderful work of sound technicians. With very short and monothematic episodes, it revives the most beautiful scenes of animated films in noises, to relax (also) in the chaos of everyday life

The episodes are very short, five-seven minutes at most. They have no words, nor do they carry the commitment of attentive listening. If it were not contrary to what logic suggests, one might think of annexing Zenimation to the category of anti-television series. Because the production, on debut on Disney + Friday 22 May , the goal is set, more and less consciously, to unhinge every rule that seriality has codified.

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These iconic scenes become an aural experience like no other with the sounds of ocean waves, an icy forest and soaring flight! @ DisneyAnimation's #Zenimation Streaming Tomorrow on @DisneyPlus!

– Disney TV Animation News (@DisneyTVANews) May 22 , 2020

Zenimation is not one show. It is a sensory experience and, as such, it does not need that vertical depth that dialogue and time ensure for television series.

Short, very short, it drags the viewer to discover the Disney universe, not as seen in animated films. Zenimation is a tribute to the workers, whose professionalism is so precious that it does not need any embellishment, let alone verbal. In its own episodes, each dedicated to a specific theme, from the Discovery al Volo , celebrates the work done behind the scenes of the great classics , the contribution of sound technicians , true custodians of Disney magic.


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Both the little Vaiana, called by the ocean, Anna and Kristoff, queens of a frozen forest, and, again, Belle, whose serenity as a young woman is palpable, the Walt Disney Animation Studios they have been able to create iconic scenes over the years. And it is these scenes that turn into Zenimation , in a unique auditory experience, where the sounds of the ocean, the refraction of the waves on the shoreline, the sounds of the forest and the slow rustling of a carpet in the air can give the viewer a new perspective and, above all, a moment of calm in the chaos of the life.


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